Dharam Patni 10th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 10th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 10th February 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 10th February 2023 episode starts with Pratik and Hansa apologizing to the Sahyogi Pandit and leaving while the real pandit goes with them.

Ravi scolds Adi in his head as he calls him and asks him why he was calling him constantly.

Adi tells Ravi that they are about to get caught since Deepanshu is refusing to go through with the task.

Ravi tells Adi to put the phone on speaker while Deepanshu childishly complains that Ravi did not get him perfume when he returned from London.

Ravi promises Deepanshu to get a whole set of perfumes and disconnects the call.

At the same time, Hansa continues accusing the priest of lying and fights with him while the priest threatens to leave.

Pratik again apologizes to the priest for Hansa's overworked thriller mind and tells Hansa to not say anything until the marriage is done.

Back at the Randhawa house, Adi is trying to convince Deepanshu while Amaira comes there scaring both of them.

Adi lies to Amaira that they were arguing since he accidentally saw Ravi's face before Kavya.

Amaira falls into Adi's trap and leaves to tell Kavya while Adi convinces Deepanshu by stating that the public will accusw him of kidnapping Ravi.

Meanwhile, Ravi enters Pratiksha's venue without disguise while the Parekh family is dancing to Punjabi songs.

Ravi looks at the dancing Pratiksha with a vengeance while the priest tells the bride and the groom to sit in the Mandap.

Partial notices Ravi and shouts asking what he is doing there while Ravi strides over to the Mandap and puts out the holy fire.

He looks straight at Pratiksha and states that he has made a bad omen.

He smiles evilly as he says that Pratiksha's marriage cannot happen how.

However, Hansa comes forward and tells Ravi that she will get this marriage done at any cost.

The priest refuses to do the marriage as he says that the marriage will be bad in itself and will not be a happy marriage.

Just then, Balbir comes forward and claps loudly while stating that this is all a drama by Ravi and Pratiksha.

He mocks Pratiksha while telling her that he saw both of them in the car and belittles her in front of everyone.

Hansa tells Balbir to not speak nonsense while Balbir states that Ravi loves Pratiksha which is why he is stopping this marriage.

Pratiksha cries at the humiliation and begs Ravi to state that he does not love her.

However, Ravi stays silent intentionally while Balbir continues influencing the guests by saying that it is a love triangle between Ravi, Pratiksha, and Malhar.

Having heard enough of Balbir's nonsense, Pratik slaps him while Ravi forms a plan.

Hansa confidently states that Malhar trusts Pratiksha and will not break his marriage.

Malhar stops Hansa and states that he knows Pratiksha would never do something with Ravi as she hates him.

Malhar states that he wants to know why Ravi wants to stop Pratiksha's marriage and tells him to speak up.

Pratiksha walks up to Ravi and tells him that marriage is every girl's dream and that, he is defaming her character.

She joins her hands in front of Ravi and tells him to say the truth since he does not want her and Malhar's marriage to start with doubt.

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