Dharam Patni 10th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 10th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 10th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 10th March 2023 episode starts with Kinjal slagging Ravi that how can he treat Pratiksha like an object.

He is mistaken if he thinks Pratiksha is alone and asks Pratiksha to get up so they can go to Randhawa House.

Pratiksha denies that she cannot go to a house that doesn’t consider her their daughter-in-law.

Hansa is overhearing them and thinks her choice, Malhar, was the perfect groom for Pratiksha and she doubts Pratiksha's fate.

At the same time, Pratik enters the house and Hansa informs him that Pratiksha has been thrown out of the Randhawa’s house.

Pratik is fuming with rage as to how can they disrespect his daughter and goes to talk to Pratiksha.

At Randhawa's house, Manvi discusses with Mandeep that she is having intuition that something bad is about to happen but Mandeep assures her that she will not let anything bad happen.

Ravi enters the room and asks Manvi how is Kavya doing but she says that Ravi has spoiled Kavya's life and she has lost the will to live.

Manvi is short of words as she is helpless as a mother and just because of Ravi’s revenge, he has destroyed both families.

Manvi tells Ravi that Kavya has warned her that if Kavya will not get married to Ravi soon, she will end her life.

Mandeep decides she has to take the matter into her hands and mend the relations between both families.

At Parekh house, Pratiksha grieves her fate and is recalling how Ravi insulted her in front of the whole society and now, she has nowhere to go.

Pratiksha looks at herself in the mirror and notices the ‘Mangalsutra’ and says it is a sacred bond that symbolizes marriage but Ravi has made a joke out of it.

She throws it on the floor just when Pratik notices the pain in her eyes and asks her to describe exactly what happened. 

Pratiksha questions Pratik if she has never harmed anyone in her life then why is she receiving this agony?

Pratik wipes Pratiksha’s tears and mentions it is the misfortune of Ravi that he has not realized her worth.

She is goddess Laxmi and wherever she will go she will spread happiness as Pratik knows that revenge has made Ravi blind.

Pratiksha recalls how one after another troubles are not leaving her life now she has lost hope and she sobs over her fate.

Parul requests Pratik to do something as they cannot see Pratiksha in this state.

Hansa interrupts her as she will not let Pratik enter into this mess.

Pratik shouts at Hansa and asks her to never intervene again in his and his daughters’ matter.

He requests Hansa to follow her duties and act motherly to Pratiksha but he is truly disappointed in her and blurs out because of her actions, God has kept her childless.

He goes back to console Pratiksha and promises her that he will make Ravi pay for his mistake.

Pratik motivates her that she should not be stopped by the hurdles and instead should cross them to make Ravi realise that she is a fighter.

He provokes her to act and he will stand beside her but Pratiksha does not want to overburden him as he has already done a lot for them.

He refrains her from calling herself a burden, he mentions she is his pride and if she will cry, he will too fall apart.

Pratik asks her to set an example in society that what a girl can do instead of accepting her defeat while he pledges that he will make Ravi suffer repercussions for his actions.

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