Dharam Patni 10th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 10th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 10th May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 10th May 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha hugging Kinjal and Parul.

She tells them that they no longer need to concern about her and urges them to take good care of Pratik.

She claims that she will gradually take over all of her rights in Randhawa family and bids them good night.

Pratiksha grabs her stuff and walks in, while Ravi confronts her and asks whether she knows him totally.

Ravi claims that he and Pratiksha are very different personalities, with Pratiksha preferring wasting time while he prefers to conserve time.

He whispers into Pratiksha's ear that he knows she wishes Ravi to begin caring about her but no one can ever take Keerti's place in her heart.

He challenges Pratiksha to leave the Randhawa house in seven days, while Pratiksha promises to stay with him for seven lives.

Meanwhile, Kavya storms into the room, hurling her veil and jewels onto the bed, while Mandeep, Manvi, and Ammy try to calm her.

Kavya sobs that it is Biji's guilt to entertain Pratiksha's drama in the house, while Biji enters the room angrily and reminds Kavya that she only welcomed Pratiksha to save the Randhawa's.

Mandeep claims that the milk ritual is still on and that Kavya and Ravi will perform it now, while Biji gives an irritated face.

As everyone prepares to enter the hall, Mandeep invites Ravi to join the ceremony and prove Pratiksha that they do not fear her.

As Ravi takes his seat, Kavya takes a seat next to him, and Biji informs everyone that whomever finds the ring in three attempts will hold power over everyone.

Mandeep tosses the ring into the milk container, and Ravi discovers it in the first round while Ravi and Kavya seek for it.

The second round begins, and Kavya wins again by finding the ring.

Biji says that this is the final attempt, but Pratiksha finds the ring this time, and Kavya, witnessing this, yells at her for ruining her ceremony.

Pratiksha requests that Kavya not shout at her because she is the host and Ravi's Dharam Patni, while Kavya requests that Pratiksha accept money and leave the house.

Hearing this, Pratiksha encourages Ravi to say something to Kavya, but Ravi backs out and leaves and Kavya asks Pratiksha to wish her luck because it is her and Ravi's first night together.

Later, Dolly prepares saffron milk to make her skin glow because she is tired of the drama, and Mandeep and Kavya enter the kitchen.

Mandeep notices the milk and asks Dolly whether she prepared it for Kavya, but she affirms that she made it for herself.

Dolly, however, tells Kavya that she doesn't need any milk because her first night is going to shine her face the next day and teases her for having a lot of love bites.

Kavya asks Mandeep why saffron milk is drunk on the first night, to which Dolly jokes and says that it enhances power, to which Mandeep shushes Dolly while explaining to Kavya that it is a pure indication since she would begin her connection with Ravi from tonight forward.

Mandeep offers Kavya the milk, and when Kavya enters the bedroom, she notices Pratiksha arranging the bed with rose petals, and Pratiksha says she will stay in the room tonight.

Kavya promises Pratiksha that such cheap techniques will not get her Ravi.

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