Dharam Patni 11th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 11th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 11th May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 11th May 2023 episode starts with Mandeep expressing her best wishes to Ravi on his marriage and recalls dropping Ravi off to playschool while holding his hand.

Ravi makes fun of Mandeep, and Mandeep responds that now that he is married, he will make fun of her, while Ravi says he adores her.

Mandeep then instructs Ravi to leave the room since Kavya is waiting in his room with the saffron milk, which angers Ravi, who declares that he is going to sleep immediately.

Kavya enters the room crying, informing them that Pratiksha has taken possession of Ravi's room and is decorating the bed.

Ravi threatens to force her out, and Kavya responds that she has asked Pratiksha to leave politely, while Ravi chuckles as he imagines Kavya's courteous behavior with Pratiksha.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha converses with Kinjal and Parul, informing them that she is in Ravi's bedroom, which prompts Parul to inquire about the room size and curtain colors.

Ravi enters the room, and Pratiksha, ignoring the phone call, asks Ravi if he needs anything, to which Ravi responds, "Peace."

Ravi tells Pratiksha to quit acting like she's his wife, and Pratiksha opens her phone, shows him their wedding video and introduces herself as his Dharam Patni.

She declares that she is no longer going to stay silent and will reply to whatever torment she suffers in the family, as Ravi orders Pratiksha to leave the room.

Pratiksha says she wishes to sleep and orders Ravi to sleep in the guest room, and when Ravi rejects it, Pratiksha reminds him of the inspector's phone number.

Ravi approaches Pratiksha to fetch the cushion, and when she slides briskly, she falls on Ravi, and Ravi stares at Pratiksha, reminiscing all of the moments.

Meanwhile, he pushes Pratiksha and leaves with the pillow, entering the guest room, muttering in irritation that he is going to clarify to Pratiksha tomorrow morning that she cannot conquer his room.

However, Pratiksha enters the room, surprising Ravi, and hands him his air pods, explaining to him that they had fallen out of his pocket.

As Pratiksha walks away, Ravi turns his back and becomes agitated, not knowing what to do. 

Meanwhile, Kavya hugs Ravi from behind.

Ravi pushes her, mistaking her for Pratiksha, and when he sees Kavya, he apologizes for mistaking her for Pratiksha.

Kavya inquires as to why Ravi is sleeping in the guest room as he claims that only he is going to sleep in the guest room.

Ravi assures Kavya that he is only Kavya's friend but Kavya wonders why he married Pratiksha in the first place.

When Pratik and Hansa notice Kinjal and Parul entering the house, Pratik panics and asks Kinjal where Pratiksha is.

Kinjal says Pratiksha is doing well, whereas Parul states that Pratiksha is in Ravi's bedroom.

When Pratik hears this, he prays to God to safeguard Pratiksha forever, and Hansa rejoices because their family will soon be listed among the richest families in Chandigarh.

Kinjal and Parul chuckle as Hansa claims she wants God to send her a share of the Randhawa family's money.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha considers how much it pains her to recall all of the situations and be bereft of her husband's support.

She goes on to say that she has embraced Ravi as his beloved husband.

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