Dharam Patni 12th April 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 12th April 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 12th April 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 12th April 2023 episode starts with Pari running late for the wedding, but she is delighted thinking about how excited Neeti will be when she sees the gift.

Raghu maintains an eye on Pari and, while dialing the driver and instructing him to smash her.

However, as the driver speeds up his vehicle, Pari steps back and survives once more.

Pratiksha rushes away from the goons in the Randhawa mansion as they grab her, and Pratiksha hits them with a pitcher.

She then threatens the goons, and when one of them raises a knife at her, she is unable to escape again.

Meanwhile, Amaira looks after Biji and advises her to rest rather than walk.

However, she seeks Biji's opinion on Ravi and Kavya's wedding and expresses her belief that Pratiksha is guilty.

Biji assures that everything is predetermined and that whatever Vahe Guru desires will occur.

Meanwhile, the goons threaten and order Pratiksha to quiet up and sit still, but she flees and calls for help.

Biji, on the other hand, mocks Amira for taking too much care of her, while Pratiksha notices Biji attempting to call her.

Aditya and Deepanshu notice Pari and claim her to be Pratiksha's friend as she replaces the damaged present.

Later, they sit in the car as Manvi hurries Aditya to bring the veil, and as he accelerates, Pari also begins walking through the busy road.

Biji, on the other hand, turns and sees no one, as the goon clutches Pratiksha's mouth and hides behind the curtain.

Amaira escorts Biji away, but as she checks to see whether anyone is there, one of the goons interrupts her and distracts her from looking any further.

Meanwhile, when Aditya is distracted by Deepanshu while driving, the other driver speeds up his car to hit Pari, and when both cars lose control, Aditya's car hits Pari, and she falls unconscious on the ground.

People gather around Pari, blaming the two jerks for their casualty, while Deepanshu recommends Aditya take Pari to the Randhawa house.

At Randhawa's house, Biji walks out of the corridor as the priests advise the couple to follow the procedures at the wedding.

Ravi is lost once more, and when the priest asks if Ravi isn't interested in the wedding, Kavya mutters that she is going to marry Ravi today, by hook or by crook.

Meanwhile, the goons are holding Pratiksha, and she decides to fight for her life, biting the attackers' wrists and fleeing behind a poster.

However, Manvi becomes concerned because Aditya has not yet brought the veil, but Mandeep calms her down and assures that they will soon be one family.

Pratiksha escapes the room when she notices Kavya and Ravi and calls them out.

When they look up, they see no one since the goon has taken Pratiksha down and forcefully grips her lips tightly.

Amira then wants to check on the upstairs while Manvi and Kavya are scared that she discovers Pratiksha and intentionally burns her hand to draw everyone's attention to her.

Kavya, who is acting sentimental, says she is just thinking about Ravi and how, without any feelings, he is forcefully marrying her, which is why she became distracted and burned her palm.

Mandeep then consoles her and asks Ravi to apply ointment on Kavya's injuries to make things right.

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