Dharam Patni 13th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 13th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 13th June 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 13th June 2023 episode starts with Kavya seeing Pratiksha burning the papers and starts laughing which perplexes everyone.

Kavya claps her hands and alleges that Pratiksha thinks Kavya is a lady with extremely poor planning abilities and that the papers she destroyed with such passion were a duplicate of the original document.

This astounds Pratiksha whereas Mandeep and Manvi smile and applaud Kavya's astute planning.

Kavya states that now that her signatures are clearly indicated on the divorce papers, neither the NGO ladies nor the law can stop her from kicking Pratiksha out of the house.

Kavya then asks Ravi whether he is also on her side in this to which Ravi responds that he is and Pratiksha on hearing this mutters about how his ego is injured because she did not take Ravi's side.

Pratiksha walks upstairs furious and Kavya later takes out the original documents from the locker, smiling evilly as she looks at them.

She is overjoyed to see the paper and mutters that this paper has the power to kick Pratiksha out of the house and after kissing the paper she places it back in the locker.

Kinjal meanwhile is hiding behind the curtain and notices this, remarking on how the evil Kavya can never cease plotting against Pratiksha in this house.

Later as Pratiksha enters her room, Kinjal waits inside and informs her that she saw Kavya keeping the papers inside the locker.

This irritates Pratiksha since she is constantly thinking of ways to obtain the original documents.

Simultaneously, Ravi is inside another room thinking about Kavya and her plan of obtaining Pratiksha's signatures on the documents, when Dadi arrives.

As Dadi sits by Ravi, Ravi expresses his concern for Pratiksha saying that he wishes he could help her but doesn't have any possibilities.

Dadi assures Ravi calmly that he can still help Pratiksha by being by her side and supporting her while Ravi claims that Pratiksha has no feelings for him.

He, however, reveals to Dadi his feelings about Pratiksha and how he has finally begun to view her in an entirely new way.

Ravi's head is kissed by Dadi, who assures him that Pratiksha harbors feelings for him as well while Ravi states that he is not going to force his feelings on her until she is ready.

Ravi begs Dadi to pledge not to tell Pratiksha anything about his feelings to which Dadi reluctantly agrees.

However, Ravi runs out of the room after receiving a call remembering he has an important meeting while Kinjal and Pratiksha continue to think of ways to obtain the documents from Kavya.

Later, Dadi comes in and, seeing them both planning to get the divorce papers tells her that she should use Kavya's tactics on her.

Dadi adds that they must eliminate Kavya's goal from the bottom, prompting Kinjal to express concern that they must obtain divorce papers as quickly as possible.

Dadi, however, suggests to Pratiksha and Kinjal that they conduct a raid on Kavya because she is staying in the Randhawa house illegally.

Hearing this, Pratiksha and Kinjal become even more perplexed as to how doing so will benefit them in obtaining the papers.

Dadi responds by explaining that Pratiksha and Kinjal will disguise themselves as men and mount a raid on Kavya.

Throughout this procedure, all appropriate investigations will be conducted and Kavya will eventually open the locker allowing Pratiksha to receive the papers.

Simultaneously, Amardeep cancels his meeting, which confuses Mandeep and he impels him to go to work because she can take care of the house on her own.

In a fit of wrath, Amardeep claims that Kavya's behavior today in obtaining Pratiksha's signature on the paperwork was disgusting.

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