Dharam Patni 13th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 13th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 13th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 13th March 2023 episode starts with Pratik consoling Pratiksha to not belittle herself but fight back as he will take revenge on that Ravi Randhawa who hurt her daughter the most.

Hansa hears this all, eavesdropping near the door but when Pratik rages outside of the house, Hansa taunts Pratiksha, Parul, and Kinjal to go with Pratik but never to come back to this house.

Meanwhile, Manvi tells Mandeep and Ravi about Kavya's words who said she cannot love anyone other than Ravi.

With tears in her eyes, Mani asks Ravi to not abandon her daughter who has stated that if Gulshan doesn't accept her and Ravi's marriage, she will die for the final this time.

Manvi joins her hands in front of Ravi while Mandeep tells Manvi not to worry as Ravi will listen to her now and marry Kavya.

On the other hand, Pratiksha is in her room, leaning against the mirror as she remembers her mother.

Just then, Kinjal comes and asks Pratiksha to eat since she hasn't eaten the whole day but Pratiksha says she doesn't feel like eating.

They both hear Parul crying in front of the home temple and rushes to her and Parul looks guilty and says she used to think that Ravi was the best groom for Pratiksha.

At Randhawa House, Ravi speaks to himself, saying Pratiksha will now understand where it hurts the most as now, people will be referring to her as the rejected wife of Ravi Randhawa.

As he descends downstairs, a frustrated Amardeep approaches him and tells Ravi that only due to him, his friendship with Gulshan (Kavya's father) is in ruins now.

Amar says that he won't be misled by Ravi anymore who has played with both the families' trust like a piano as this is the last chance to save the years-long friendship with Gulshan.

At Parekh House, Pratiksha consoles a crying Parul and makes her sit on the bed.

Pratiksha says that sometimes the difficulties that come into one's life test them so they can come out with their best.

She tells Parul to have faith as Ravi has no strings to her heart since a person gets hurt only by people who are theirs but Ravi never even hears.

Meanwhile, Ravi gets frustrated with Amar's talking who says that Ravi has gone mad and isn't able to see or think clearly.

Amar also reminds Ravi that if Gulshan wanted, he could have lodged a lot of cases against Ravi already for doing what he did.

Amar states that Ravi's marriage with Pratiksha, the killer girl, wasn't even real and Ravi gets horrified as he did the marriage to avenge Keerti's death so it was real.

Just then, Gulshan comes into the room and announces that a marriage that doesn't even happen with proper rituals is not worthy of being called a marriage.

Gulshan tells Ravi that he doesn't even want to see his face but he is helpless due to Kavya who loves Ravi a lot.

Ravi replies that he understands Gulshan's stance very well but Gulshan makes it clear that he is giving him a last chance to Ravi to redeem himself.

Gulshan also tells Ravi and Amar that he has many times saved their company from going into losses.

So if he is capable of saving it, he is also very capable of shaking it up from its very core which comes off as a threat as well as a warning to Ravi.

Gulshan then tells Amar that for everything he has done for the Randhawa's throughout the years, he wants Ravi to compensate for it by marrying Kavya.

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