Dharam Patni 13th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 13th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 13th September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 13th September 2023 episode starts with Ravi telling Kinjal and Adi to continue arguing with each other as he leaves from there. 

Adi continues staring at Kinjal and asks her if she has a boyfriend while she scolds him for changing topics continuously and walks away from there.

Meanwhile, Kavya cries in her room while Dolly sees her and enters the room.

Kavya angrily states that her plan has flopped and says that the advice she gave her of showing off her rights is backfiring on her.

She reveals how Ravi has been acting even more rude to her while Dolly tells her that she should fight even more.

Kavya says that Pratiksha must have brainwashed Ravi and blames her for everything and says that now she is going to brainwash the family against Pratiksha.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha continues cooking in the kitchen while Ravi comes there and flirts with her while telling her not to add too much spice to the food.

She teases him saying that he is Punjabi while he tells her that there is a difference between spicy food and ChatPata food (tangy snacks) which are enjoyable.

He asks her what type of spice she is and tells her to let it go since she won't understand as he gets close to her.

She closes her eyes in anticipation while Ravi takes the hand towel from behind her and smiles knowingly, telling her that he is just taking the hand towel.

He asks her what she was thinking and asks her if she was expecting him to grab her by the waist and hug her while whispering into her ear that he wished to do it.

Ravi leaves telling her that he is waiting for the breakfast as Pratiksha shyly goes after him with the Parantha's.

Kavya enters the empty kitchen and dumps salt and chillies into Raita with a smirk on her face.

Meanwhile, Dolly tells Manvi about Kavya being angry and worried about what is happening.

Manvi agrees that Kavya is worried since her dreams have been crushed while Dolly explains to her that Kavya is worried since their recent plan failed.

Later, the family waits for breakfast at the dining table while Kinjal tells Ravi that Pratiksha is coming.

Dadi tells Pratiksha not to waste her time in the kitchen while Pratiksha states that she is free so she makes breakfast.

Manvi taunts Pratiksha while Kinjal gives a befitting reply on her behalf.

Dolly asks her how can she speak so bitterly while Kinjal states that she matches the answer with the tone of the question.

The family praises the Parantha's while Ravi asks Pratiksha for Raita.

She goes to get it from the kitchen when she notices Kavya walking out from there.

Further, Pratiksha returns to the dining table and serves Raita to everyone.

Manvi and Mandeep spit out the Raita as they start coughing stating that it is too spicy.

The rest of the family also takes a bite as Ravi continues to eat it while drinking water alongside.

Pratiksha sends the maid to bring Honey while Kavya starts insulting Pratiksha saying that she has made their lives hell after entering the house.

Returning to the comment, Pratiksha says that it is all a lie as she is being framed.

The maid returns with the honey and Pratiksha tries to feed it to Ravi but is stopped by Kavya.

She rebukes Pratiksha for trying to kill Ravi and says that he is allergic to honey while Amar tells them to let the family eat in peace.

Pratiksha says that someone is trying to put her down and that it is Kavya while announcing that she will prove her innocence like all the other times.

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