Dharam Patni 14th July 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 14th July 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 14th July 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 14th July 2023 episode starts with Ravi rescuing Pratiksha, who informs him that Kinjal has been stolen and urges him to hurry since they need to find her.

However, Ashok and Mahesh are standing in front of her aiming a gun at her.

Ravi pulls mud from the ground and throws it in Ashok and Mahesh's faces, blinding them, while Ravi snatches their car keys and departs with Pratiksha.

Ravi accelerates his car but the car abruptly comes to a halt, prompting Pratiksha and Ravi to thoroughly examine the engine.

Pratiksha sobs as she recalls Kinjal while Ravi assures Pratiksha that everything would be OK.

She sobs and expresses regret for failing to protect Kinjal which Ravi assures to be with her.

Meanwhile, Ravi is surprised when Ashok, Mahesh, and a goon confront him and Pratiksha.

When Mahesh points a gun at Pratiksha, Ravi grips him tightly and they begin wrestling with the gun.

Ravi then takes the gun from Mahesh and shoots it in Ashok's direction, resulting in the bullet striking Ashok's chest directly.

This surprises both Ravi and Pratiksha, and Ravi dropping the pistol prompts Pratiksha to rush into the ca.

Mahesh holds Ashok firmly and calls Viper to inform him that someone has shot Ashok.

Viper yells angrily at Rony, demanding that he immediately take out the car.

Meanwhile, the Randhawas and Sajhdevas gossip as Gulshan tells them about his recent case of baling Ashok and Mahesh, who had murdered countless people.

This astounds Amardeep but Gulshan insists that he has no fear of anyone dealing with such situations.

Gulshan describes Viper as an angry insane half-psycho boy who is spoiled by Ashok but yet adores him.

Gulshan labels them dangerous, but Manvi mumbles that she will see how dangerous these people are.

Ravi, on the other hand, drives very quickly in nervousness while Pratiksha asks Ravi to slow down.

Ravi continues at the same pace when he loses control and collides with another car with Viper and his goons.

The crash knocks Ravi and Pratiksha unconscious, and blood begins to drip from their heads.

Viper emerges from the car and orders his goons to immediately transfer them to the garage.

Gulshan mocks Ravi for leaving the party in the middle, but Kavya, with a smile, explains to him about Ravi going to work urgently.

Kavya then enters a separate room and fails to contact Mahesh, prompting Manvi to advise her to calm down.

However, Kavya considers calling Mickey and angrily inquires whether the girl they kidnapped is alive or not.

Mickey notifies her that Pratiksha is alive because his boss did not give him death instructions while Kavya insists that he send her Pratiksha's image.

Sheru takes a picture of Kinjal and hands the phone to Mickey, who messages the picture to Kavya.

Kavya, seeing the hazy image, calls Mickey names when Manvi suggests that Kavya contact Mahesh directly.

Mahesh answers the phone and Kavya yells at him and asks if Pratiksha is still alive.

Mahesh notifies Kavya of Ashok's injury blaming her for giving them incorrect information.

Kavya wonders if Ravi was present as Mahesh recounts the whole event, which shocks Kavya.

Kavya yells at Mahesh while Ashok answers the phone and asks if Ravi is her husband, which Kavya confirms angrily.

Ashok asks that Kavya call Viper and contact him quickly, as Viper is on his way to kill Ravi.

Meanwhile, the goons drag Pratiksha and Ravi across the floor and into the garage, where Kinjal begins screaming in terror.

Ashok informs Kavya about Viper, his son, who will manage the matter and kill Ravi.

Meanwhile, Viper seeing Kinjal's persistent screams, shuts her mouth while shocking her with electricity.

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