Dharam Patni 14th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 14th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 14th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 14th March 2023 episode starts with Gulshan telling Ravi that he won't go from there unless and until Ravi confirms that he will marry Kavya with all the respect she deserves.

Amar urges Ravi to say yes as Gulshan keeps getting angrier while Aditya steps into the room, disturbing their conversation.

Aditya tries to tell something to Ravi but Gulshan slaps him out of the blue, saying Aditya is already the guilty one involved in the Pratiksha drama so he better not disturb him when he is talking to Ravi.

Ravi yells at Gulshan to not hurt his brother and take his frustration out.

Gulshan points out the same way Ravi felt when he hit Aditya, he is feeling the same thing as Kavya is hanging between life and death.

Ravi apologizes to Gulshan and asks Aditya what happened to which Adi responds that Pratiksha's uncle, Pratik, has come to their house.

Pratik yells Ravi's name as he enters the Randhawa house but Dolly calls the security, calling Pratik a poor man who has come to ask for a donation.

Amar and Gulshan both come downstairs along with the other family members.

Pratik tells Amar that he is here to reveal Ravi's actions to all of them while Amar jumps to Ravi's defense when Pratik says that as Ravi's parents, they couldn't even stop him.

When Ravi decides to confront Pratik, Aditya stops him and states that there is enough drama already.

With pain beating in his heart, Pratik reveals that Ravi has completely destroyed Pratiksha's life and Gulshan says that this is what Pratiksha deserves.

However, Pratik asks him to shut up since he is here to talk to Amar. 

Harneet tells Pratik that they know girls like Pratiksha who just want to enjoy life after getting married into a rich household and Mandeep echoes the same talking, stating Pratiksha is not their problem to deal with.

The Randhawa's shame Pratik for belonging to a middle-class family while Beeji feels ashamed to hear all of this.

Pratik says that as an honest man, he is here to take Ravi away so he can bring Pratiksha back into this house but Gulshan states that since none of them watched the wedding happen, they won't accept Pratiksha.

Harneet brings out a cheque and asks Pratik the amount of money he would take to go away but Pratik glares at her.

He says that the Randhawa's are blackened at their hearts since they can't see his daughter's goodness and no matter what money they throw, it won't ever amount to Pratiksha's good nature.

Pratik warns them that he is going to take Ravi away by hook or by crook and both Gulshan and Amar deny it while Beeji's head hangs in shame.

Meanwhile, Hansa is trying to cheer her mood up by talking with her friend, Shushma, but Shushma goes away after Hansa doesn't feed her with snacks along with tea.

Shushma calls Hansa a miser and leaves while Hansa curses Pratiksha for being bad luck.

Back at Randhawa House, Mandeep asks Pratik to leave as he has said enough and Gulshan tells Pratik to do whatever he wants in the court.

Pratik curses them that the way they are treating Pratiksha, their daughter will get treated too, the same way some day.

Gulshan then yells that Ravi and Kavya's marriage must happen the next day and Ravi gets anxious.

He tries to speak something but Aditya stops him as now, it is not a good time.

The security takes away an angry Pratik by grabbing his hands as Ravi sweats thinking that everybody is taking such a big decision of his life without consulting him.

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