Dharam Patni 15th August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 15th August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 15th August 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 15th August 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha telling Kinjal to not take Ravi's side and go into the room.

Meanwhile, Ravi comes and asks Kinjal why is she so angry.

Kinjal informs him that Pratiksha is angry at him and leaves telling him that he shouldn't have hugged her (Kavya).

Ravi asks Pratiksha why she's so angry and she reasons that it does not matter as what she will say will not matter to him.

She tells him that she thought they have come closer but she was wrong while he tells her to be clear.

The maid comes to call them for dinner but Ravi tells her to bring the food to the room only.

Meanwhile, Kavya is in a happy mood but bumps into Kinjal and starts arguing with her.

Kinjal tells her that she'll forgive three of her mistakes and will give her a sharp reply at the fourth one.

Further, the family sits to have dinner while Dolly calms her jolly attitude seeing the tense atmosphere.

Kavya comes there and asks them if they know what happened today.

She tells them about how Ravi hugged her and comforted her in the hospital while Bijji states that they should start dinner.

Mandeep announces her wish to hold a Gruhshanti pooja while Dadi approves it.

Preeti comes there and informs them that Ravi wishes to have dinner in his room and takes his plate while Amardeep tells Kinjal to sit with the family and have her dinner.

Back in Ravi's room, he is about to dig into his food but stops hearing Pratiksha coming out of the bathroom.

He asks as if he's in pain and cannot eat making Pratiksha sit beside him and feed him with her own hands.

Ravi refuses at first but she tells him to eat as it is important since he needs to have his medicines.

He eats while admiring her face and recalling their moments together.

Ravi tells her to eat too and gets stubborn about not eating until she takes a bite.

Pratiksha reluctantly eats and continues feeding him telling him that he has gotten stubborn.

Kavya comes there with food for Ravi and gets upset seeing Ravi-Pratiksha feeding each other.

On the other hand, Mandeep gets upset in the kitchen recalling her husband's words while Manvi comes there and asks her what is the problem.

Mandeep tells her about Amardeep while Manvi instigates her against Pratiksha saying that even Ravi will be against her if they don't get Pratiksha out of the house.

Mandeep angrily states that now she will do something that she has planned in the pooja the next day and leaves.

On the other hand, Kavya gets upset seeing Ravi teasing Pratiksha and leaves from there stating that now she will do something with Mandeep's help.

She goes in front of Mandeep's room and starts thrashing the place while acting upset.

Mandeep comes there and asks her what has happened while Kavya complains about Pratiksha being in Ravi's room and snatching him from her.

She talks ill about Pratiksha and apologizes to Mandeep while telling her that everything is happening because of her.

She cries that if Mandeep controlled Ravi, nothing like this would've happened and that this is what society is saying too.

Kavya says that the family has accepted Pratiksha but she didn't think Mandeep would too and asks her why she is accepting her.

Mandeep tells Kavya to not cry as it will be Pratiksha crying from now on and dragging Kavya with her.

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