Dharam Patni 15th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 15th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 15th February 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 15th February 2023 episode starts with Hansa asking when will the marriage rituals restart while the priest explains to her that they need to do a small Pooja to ward off the ill omen.

Just then, Neeti, Pari, and Rajeev come there and Hansa-Pratik greets them happily.

Hansa notices Neeti's sad expression and questions her about it while Neeti diverts the topic by saying that they should only think about good things on good days.

Kinjal and Parul tell Neeti, Rajeev, and Pari that they have to be punished for coming late and tell them that they have to dance.

They agree to dance only if Pratiksha dances while they get shocked to see Pratiksha dance from behind.

Everyone starts dancing with them and has fun after which they sit and talk.

Parineeti states that today's suspicious timing is very rare while Hansa says that she wishes Malhar keeps loving Pratiksha like Sanju loves Neeti.

Elsewhere, Ravi enters Malhar's room and mocks him as he sees that Malhar is asleep.

He jokes that he is the winning turtle while Malhar is the lazy rabbit who lost due to overconfidence.

Malhar wakes up and gets shocked to see Ravi calmly standing in his room and getting ready.

He asks Ravi what he is doing there and tells him to leave if he wants to keep his happiness.

Malhar gets shocked and scared as Ravi hands him his perfume bottle back.

Ravi sits on the couch confidently and eats the snacks as he tells Malhar that he is there to eat away his and Pratiksha's happiness.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha tells Neeti, Rajeev, and Pari that she will take them to meet Malhar.

Inside Malhar's room, Malhar tells Ravi that he is not scared of him and mocks Ravi by stating that his life is a twisted story of Devdas where his Paro (Keerti) died while she still lives on in his memory.

Malhar tells Ravi that he is in a happy mood and tells him to leave.

Back in the hall, Hansa tells Pratiksha that teachers from his school are there to meet her.

Ravi tells Malhar to back out of the marriage since he has no reason to make him an enemy since he only wants to ruin Pratiksha's marriage.

However, Malhar pinches him and tells him to wake up from his dream while asking him if he has fallen in love with Pratiksha.

Malhar tells him that he will happily back out if Ravi loves her while Ravi glares at him.

On the other hand, Neeti, Sanju, and Pari walk in on a couple making out and get distracted while gossiping about people.

Back in Malhar's room, he starts walking towards the door while Ravi holds him back and starts fighting with him.

Malhar acts all daring while Ravi starts hitting him saying that he has warned him from the start.

Neeti, Rajeev, and Pari arrive at Malhar's room and knock while Ravi covers his mouth.

Parul comes there and tells them that Malhar might be changing his clothes.

Later, Neeti, Pari take their leave while Parul wishes it would have been Ravi instead of Malhar in the groom's room.

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