Dharam Patni 15th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 15th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 15th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 15th March 2023 episode starts with a discussion happening at the Randhawa House regarding Pratik and Pratiksha.

Dolly says that Pratik might be back with another big threat to blackmail them while Harneet scolds Dolly for talking like this.

Mandeep interrupts Dolly and states that nothing like this shall happen while Guldhan says that the only way to come out of this problem is to get Ravi and Kavya married.

Beeji looks at Gulshan angrily but doesn't say a word while he states that this way, Pratiksha won't be able to do anything and they can stop Pratik by bribing him.

At Parekh House, Pratik returns with a normal smile but Kinjal and Parul ask him what happened at Ravi's house.

Pratik dodges their question and asks Hansa to heat up the Kachori and bring tea for him.

He then reveals that Pratiksha won't ever be able to live happily in Randhawa's house as a tear slips down Pratiksha's cheeks.

Meanwhile, Ravi gets anxious thinking about his marriage happening with Kavya the next day.

Mandeep approaches him and asks him to get ready to move while he complains about Kavya threatening them every time with suicide.

He tells Mandeep that they cannot force this marriage on him but Mandeep chides him roughly.

At Parekh House, the sisters reveal to each other that after their parents were gone, only Pratik and Hansa became their support.

Pratiksha says that even though her marriage happened with Ravi wrongfully, the vermillion of his name is still on her forehead.

Pratiksha tells Kinjal that she will hold her head up high and not run away from the Randhawa's.

Just then, they get a knock on their door and it is Pratik who tells the girls that Hansa kicked him out of their room.

Pratiksha laughs and Parul wakes up as the uncle and his daughters make a midnight snack.

Meanwhile, Kavya dreams about her wedding with Ravi that is to happen tomorrow and asks him if he is sure.

Ravi gets nervous while Kavya tries to act under pity so Ravi cares for him.

As she loses her balance intentionally, pretending to fall, Ravi catches her and she intentionally states that now, she will make sure the magic of her love influences Ravi.

On the other hand, Amar is making the wedding preparation when Gulshan apologizes to him for speaking so rudely in the heat of the moment.

Both the friends patch up nicely as Mandeep wishes that the wedding goes smoothly.

However, Beeji enters and says it won't, scaring everyone.

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