Dharam Patni 15th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 15th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 15th May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 15th May 2023 episode starts with Ravi sleeping next to Pratiksha, cuddling her and grasping her hands warmly.

Ravi awakens to find himself snuggled to Pratiksha and sits up with a start and accuses her of coming to his side to take advantage.

Meanwhile, Pratikhsha defends herself saying she has no interest in him but Ravi continues to accuse her and soon they begin a pillow fight which Ravi lost after getting tired and tells her to stop. 

Meanwhile, Mandeep is browsing jewelry when Pratiksha comes down and takes Dadi's blessing. 

Mandeep rejects Pratiksha’s respect and tells her that she will never accept her as the daughter-in-law of the family. 

Pratiksha smiles and asks Dadi if she would like a cup of tea while Dadi tells her that she wants to eat Halwa as the new daughter-in-law makes something sweet. 

Mandeep tells Dadi that Kavya should do this ritual as she is the daughter-in-law of the house. 

However, Dadi tells her that Kavya will make the Halwa tomorrow. 

After a while, Dadi tells Pratiksha that she has a gift for her and shows her a traditional nose ring, telling her it is a symbol of the family’s reputation and that she will give it to her after the Pehli Rasoi ritual.

Dadi sends Nupur with Pratiksha to help while Manveer thinks that she will not allow Pratisksha to make Halwa today. 

Later, Manveer comes to Kavya’s room to wake her up but Kavya resists waking up. 

Manveer tells her to stop being so sleepy because Pratiksha will win over everyone at that time.

She tells Kavya about Pratiksha’s first day in Kitchen and that they will have to spoil Pratiksha’s dish. 

After a while, Manveer explains her plan to Kavya and tells her that their plan will definitely work. 

Meanwhile, Pratiksha is nervous about making the first dish and tells Nupur that she is scared because no one loves her. 

However, Nupur assures her that she likes her a lot and tells her that Ravi will love her Halwa.

Pratiksha feels grateful for Nupur’s support and gets busy making Halwa. 

After a while, Manveer creates a distraction to clear the way for Kavya and tells Nupur that Mandeep is calling her. 

Seeing Pratiksha leave to ask something, Kavya smiles thinking how she will spoil her dish. 

Kavya adds garlic cloves to Pratiksha’s Halwa and smiles happily. 

Afterward, Pratksha finishes the dish and goes out while Nupur sees Kavya inside the kitchen. 

Elsewhere, Kinjal and Parul try to cheer up Pratik while he worries about Pratiksha. 

Parul tells her to not worry about Pratiksha as she will handle everything. 

Kinjal also assures him that Pratiksha will soon win everyone’s heart. 

At the same time, Hansa feels thankful for Pratiksha’s leaving and feels happy that she is associated with Randhavas. 

Kavya tells Nupur that she has a headache and that is why she comes here to make a cup of tea. 

After sending Nupur away, Kavya tells Pratiksha that she will never let her win anywhere as she is Ravi’s wife and daughter-in-law of the house. 

After a while, Pratiksha sends Halwa with Nupur and stops to attend Kinjal’s calls. 

On the other hand, Nupur brings the Halwa dish outside while Dadi tells her to tell Pratiskha to offer it to God first. 

However, Mandeep is skeptical and tells her to check the dish first as she does not trust Pratiksha’s cooking. 

As Mandeep uncovers the lid, a strong smell of garlic penetrates their noses. 

Mandeep turns her nose with distaste and tells Dadi to see what happens when you trust strangers. 

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