Dharam Patni 16th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 16th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 16th February 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 16th February 2023 episode starts with Mandeep entering Kavya's room and teasing her for clicking pictures alone.

Kavya gets excited while Mandeep tells her that she thought that Ravi's life was going to be miserable but now she has realized that God has his own plans.

Mandeep tells her how Ravi is so excited about the marriage and had even refused to show his face to anyone except her.

Kavya gets excited and tells Mandeep that she is going to see Ravi.

Meanwhile, Adi gets worried as he tells Deepanshu that Ravi is not picking up his calls.

Deepanshu says that it is time for them to come clean while Kavya knocks on their door and asks them what truth they are talking about.

Kavya goes to stand in front of Ravi and hugs him while she makes a face as the perfume is not the one that Ravi uses.

Adi lies that Ravi is wearing his perfume and makes up an excuse that Ravi does not want to show his face to anyone before the marriage due to a superstition.

Kavya questions how they can believe in these things while Adi tells her that she should not lose Ravi over a little thing after pining for him for so long.

Meanwhile, at the Parekh house, the priest tells Hansa to bring the groom first and then the bride which makes her happy.

Kinjal and Parul take Pratiksha towards her room while teasing Pratiksha about being possessive over Malhar.

Parul talks about hearing Ravi's voice and Pratiksha goes towards Malhar's room feeling worried.

However, at that time, Malhar has Ravi pinned to the wall as he shouts to Pratiksha that he will be out in some time.

Pratiksha gets glad that Ravi is not at her wedding venue while Parul continues wishing that Ravi was in Malhar's place.

At the same time, Malhar and Ravi continue beating each other up and instigating them with words.

In the end, Ravi hits Malhar on the head with a vase and makes him fall unconscious.

Elsewhere, Hansa scolds Parul and Kinjal for not bringing the groom downstairs and tells Kinjal to go give the fruits to the priest while ordering Parul to go and bring Malhar.

Ravi calls Adi and tells him about Malhar falling unconscious while asking them what he should do.

However, Parul comes there just then and knocks on the door making Ravi disconnect the call in fear.

Parul gets suspicious when Ravi does not open the door and goes downstairs while Ravi tries to wake up Malhar.

Meanwhile, at the Sachdeva house, Deepanshu gets a call from his girlfriend and he refuses to do the act anymore as his girlfriend is coming there.

While they are arguing, Adi gets distracted and opens the door while Soniya gets shocked seeing Deepanshu as the groom.

At the same time, thoughts of marrying Pratiksha swirl in Ravi's mind while he tries to block them out saying that there must be another option.

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