Dharam Patni 16th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 16th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 16th May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 16th May 2023 episode starts with Dadi waiting for Pratiksha who has not come here still. 

In the meantime, Kavya tells them if it would have been her first dish, they would be enjoying it now. 
Just then Pratiksha comes there while Mandeep berates her for making a garlic halwa but Pratiksha tells her that she has prepared another one.
Meanwhile, Kavya wonders when Pratiksha made another halwa. 
Pratiksha tells them that Kavya has ruined the Halwa which angers Kavya and she denies the accusation. 
Pratiksha recalls how she had seen Kavya putting in Garlic and tells her that she must have added them thinking it to be cashews. 
Kavya tells her that she has not used any garlic and accuses Pratiksha of putting false allegations while Dadi tells Pratiksha that she should not have touched the garlic before making the Halwa. 
Pratiksha goes to Kavya and smells Kavya’s fingers that reeks of garlic and Dadi berates Manvi for not teaching Kavya how to make Halwa. 
Seeing Dadi scold Manvi, Mandeep tells her to close the topic of halwa and use another one to offer it to God. 
Just then, Ravi comes down and Dadi tells him to sit beside Pratiksha, saying that Pratiksha is very beautiful.
However, Ravi thinks that Dadi should come into their room to see the real Pratiksha while Kavya tells Manvi that she cannot bear Ravi’s behaviour. 
Manvi tells her that Ravi is equally weary of Pratiksha and had spent the whole night fighting with her.
Meanwhile, Dadi tells Ravi that both he and Pratiksha has to feed halwa to each other but before that, they will have to defeat each other in the staring game.
Later, Ravi and Pratiksha get lost in each other while their past memories begin to tease their consciousness. 
After Ravi gets irritated, Dadi tells Pratiksha to serve the Halwa to everyone. 
Later, Pratiksha assures Pratik that she is absolutely fine while Ravi overhears Pratiksha’s conversation and accuses her of planning to ruin their family. 
Praitksha tries to convince him that she has no such plans but Ravi continues to accuse her so she tells Ravi that a good wife is the one who makes her husband mad in her love. 
Pratiksha’s closeness makes Ravi uncomfortable and he takes a few steps back telling her to go.
However, Pratiksha makes Ravi nervous by getting too close to him and tells him that people's heart beat gets faster when their lover comes near to them.
Ravi stammers and tells her that it is also a symptom of a heart attack which she will cause him. 
Pratiksha observes someone’s shadow outside the door and goes to shut it. 
After a while, seeing Pratiksha shut the door, Ravi gets worried and asks her why is she shutting the door and what she wants.
Meanwhile, Pratiksha tells him that she only wants what any wife wants from her husband. 
On the other hand, Kavya gets worried about Pratiksha’s locking the room and if she is consummating their marriage. 
However, Manvi tells her to calm down while Kavya tells her that it is their relaxing attitude that has put her on the opposite side of the door 
Meanwhile, Ravi tells Pratiksha to stay away from him while Pratiksha looks at him seductively.
She asks him to shut his eyes while Ravi asks her if she will take advantage of him but Pratiksha tells him to shut his eyes or else she will push him down. 
Ravi feels nervous and closes his eyes while Kavya gets jealous and frustrated. 
Pratiksha comes very close and picks an eyelash from Ravi’s cheek and tells him to make a wish but Ravi refuses. 
Pratiksha then makes a wish herself and blows it on Ravi’s hand which mesmerizes Ravi.

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