Dharam Patni 17th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 17th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 17th February 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 17th February 2023 episode starts with Ravi wearing the groom's clothes while getting annoyed at the route that he has to take.

The commissioner (Malhar's boss) and his wife continue knocking on the door to meet him while Ravi hits Malhar on the head again and opens the door.

The commissioner scolds Malhar and tells him to invite them inside while Parul comes there and tells the groom to come downstairs as Hansa will scold her if he does not come with her.

Ravi gets worried thinking that he has to sit on the Mandap while the commissioner makes him walk downstairs.

Meanwhile, at the Sachdeva house, Nupur scolds Adi and Deepanshu for doing this drama and tells them that they should tell everyone the truth.

Adi tries to convince Nupur to stay silent about the whole ordeal but Noopur refuses and leaves from there.

Deepanshu tells Adi to go after her and stops her.

Back at the Parekh house, Ravi goes back to the room and thinks to himself that today the bride will regret getting married.

He thinks to himself that Pratiksha will regret killing Keerti her whole life since he is making her whole life miserable.

At the Sachdeva house, Nupur is rushing to tell the truth to the family while she bumps into Kavya.

Nupur stops her and tells her that she wants to tell her something while Adi comes there and gets worried.

Ravi goes back out of the room and locks it from the outside while he walks downstairs with Parul.

Further, Ravi sits down at the Mandap while Kinjal and Hansa bring Pratiksha to the Mandap.

Kavya asks Nupur what she wants to tell her and Nupur only says that she looks good.

Adi thanks Nupur for not saying anything to Kavya while Nupur tells him that she did it for Kavya since Kavya loves Ravi very much and would not have been able to bear the truth.

Nupur tells him that he did wrong by supporting Ravi and tells him that they should stop even the elders from making wrong decisions as wiseness matters more.

Back at the Parekh house, the priest states that it's time for the groom to tie the mangal sutra around the bride's neck.

Hansa tells the groom to take out the mangal sutra since she gave it to him while Ravi stays silent.

Malhar regains his consciousness and thinks to himself that he cannot go out without his Sherwani.

Pratik tells Hansa that Malhar must have forgotten it in the room and tells her to go and get it.

Malhar hides hearing the door open and Hansa starts looking for the mangal sutra while talking to herself.

Malhar realizes that he is wearing different clothes and comes out in front of Hansa.

However, he gets hit on the head by the closet's door once again.

Meanwhile, at the Mandap, Kinjal, and Parul tease Pratiksha, asking her how she would address Malhar after marriage.

Ravi gets worried thinking he's caught as everyone hears Hansa's scary scream.

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