Dharam Patni 17th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 17th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 17th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 17th March 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha confronting the ladies who were mocking her behind her back.

Pratiksha informs them that on Shiv Ratri, everyone has the right to come here wearing a red saree and not to think of any woman as less than a woman.

She goes on to say that while her marriage may have ended tragically but if the lady's daughter's fate is similar to Pratiksha's, will they prevent her from visiting the temple or enjoying herself?

Meanwhile, Kinjal observes Pratiksha's perfect response to the ladies who were taunting her.

Pratiksha goes on to advise the ladies to keep their hearts pure if they truly desire Lord Shiva's blessings.

When the ladies see Pratiksha hurting their egos with her response, their faces turn bright red.

Kinjal then joins Pratiksha and wishes them a Happy Shiv Ratri before leaving.

Kinjal begins praising Pratiksha by showering her with flowers, while a lady approaches Pratiksha and tells her that her response to the ladies was so simple and yet so pure.

She refers to Pratiksha as 'Parvati,' and claims to see Goddess Pratavi's power in her Pratiksha's eyes, as well as the Goddess Parvati's light in her face.

She blesses Pratiksha and departs, while Kinjal arrives and inquires as to what happened.

Pratiksha informs her, and Kinjal begins complimenting her as well.

Meanwhile, a lady notices Kinjal making beautiful rangoli and begins questioning her about her family members and educational background, which perplexes Kinjal.

Hansa appears and begins taunting Kinjal for leaving the door open, and when she notices the woman Kinjal is conversing with, she introduces herself as Hansa.

Simultaneously, Pratiksha arrives, and Kinjal informs her about the woman and how she inquired about her, to which Pratiksha deduces that she wishes to marry Kinjal to her son.

While Ravi and Kavya arrive at the temple, Kavya clasps her hands and thanks God that Ravi is finally hers forever, and she prays that Pratiksha does not attend their wedding.

Kavya then informs Ravi that she is concerned Pratiksha will attend their wedding, but just she comes up with the idea of inviting her to make her jealous and realize her true status within the family.

Ravi becomes outraged and silences Kavya, leading Kavya to believe Ravi has a soft spot in his heart for Pratiksha.

Ravi explains that hearing Pratiksha's name irritates him, which makes Kavya happy.

Meanwhile, Mandeep arrives, places Ravi's hand in Kavya's, and invites them to enter the temple.

Hasna and the woman talk in the temple, and she tells her that she likes Kinjal and wants to marry Avinash.

Hasna then introduces only Parul as Kinjal's sister because she doesn't want the woman to know about Pratiksha and her in-law's situation because if the woman finds out, she will withdraw her son's proposal to marry Kinjal.

Meanwhile, the priest begins to complete Pratiksha and blesses her for how beautifully she decorated the temple.

The Priest then tells her to clean up the flowers because a new couple is coming to marry today, and Ravi and Kavya enter the temple holding hands.

Ravi is taken aback when he sees Pratiksha and pulls away from Kavya's hand.

Kavya notices Pratiksha and is even more surprised to see Ravi leave her hand.

Ravi begins walking towards Pratiksha while Mandeep stops him, but Ravi does not appear to be listening.

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