Dharam Patni 18th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 18th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 18th May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 18th May 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha telling Kavya that her thousand attempts to separate her from Ravi will never succeed.

She declares that she will perform her role as a loyal wife, and Kavya becomes furious and asserts that only she has authority over Ravi.

Kavya demands that Pratiksha stop playing all of the mindful games, while Pratiksha requests that she stop blaming every aspect on her.

Pratiksha assures that Ravi will be here soon and that the truth will only win and leave.

Meanwhile, Manvi enters the room and orders Kavya to come downstairs, as Kavya vents her rage on her, claiming that Pratiksha has become Biji's favorite and has taken control of the entire family.

Manvi notices Kavya's agitation and suggests she relax, but Kavya, with a worrisome expression, confirms that Pratiksha is taking over all she has.

However, Manvi persuades her and takes her downstairs, while Kinjal and Parul are seated with Biji and Pratiksha.

Biji laughs as the two sisters begin ridiculing each other while Pratiksha, observing all of their infantile conflicts, urges Kinjal to stop taunting Parul.

Biji confirms that she is the happiest to have Pratiksha as Ravi's bride and a member of the family, while Mandeep, Kavya, and Manvi enter and Mandeep tells Pratiksha get back to work.

Kavya also supports Mandeep and requests that Pratiksha clean her room.

However, Pratiksha proudly stands and requests Kavya that she clean her own room as she is a guest at the Randhawa residence.

Parul also asks Kavya if she ever plans to leave the Randhawa residence, which enrages her and prompts her to tell her to shut up.

However, a man rings the doorbell, and Dolly receives a parcel addressed to Mandeep and inquires as to what it contains.

Mandeep informs her with a smile that this parcel contains tickets for Kavya and Ravi's honeymoon in Manali.

Biji mocks Mandeep, while Mandeep confesses that she solely considers Kavya as Ravi's wife.

Meanwhile, Ravi walks into the hall, and Kavya hugs him warmly and informs him that Mandeep has booked honeymoon tickets for them.

Ravi is triggered and declines the honeymoon offer and Mandeep, realizing this, begins acting and pretends to be unconscious.

She expresses her worry and declares her best wishes for Ravi and Kavya to begin their own wonderful lives while mocking Pratiksha for tarnishing the Randhawa family's name in society.

Mandeep wants Ravi to accompany Kavya on her honeymoon but Kavya, knowing Mandeep's predicament, insists on staying.

However, Ravi accepts the tickets with a sorrowful expression, and Pratiksha begins to feel bad.

Ravi then orders Kavya to begin packing because they must leave soon, and as they leave the hall, Mandeep smiles evilly.

She informs Pratiksha that only she can make Ravi do what she wants.

Later, when Kavya is packing, she notices Pratiksha passing by and beckons her in.

She demands to see her sad face after learning about the honeymoon.

Kavya confirms that Ravi is going to grow feelings for her and that she will become close to him.

Pratiksha also assures Kavya that she will always remain Ravi's second wife, no matter where she goes with him.

Kavya, on the other hand, adds that Ravi's opinion of her will change soon after the honeymoon.

She further shows Pratiksha the seductive red night suit she plans to wear on the honeymoon.

Pratiksha notices this and mutters that she needs to do something to prevent it from happening.

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