Dharam Patni 19th April 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 19th April 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 19th April 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 19th April 2023 episode starts with Kinjal requesting Pratik to withdraw the complaint since she does not want to lower their standards by doing what the Randhawa's attempted to do.

Dolly, on the other hand, maintains that Gulshan tried to injure Pratiksha and the same thing is occurring to Kavya, which Harneet dismisses.

Pratik believes the Randhawa family is nasty and cheap, whilst Kinjal believes Kavya is mean and deserves only a mean family like the Randhawa's.

Mandeep becomes enraged upon hearing this and begins abusing Pratiksha, referring to her as a witch who attempted to use black magic on Ravi and grip him under her control.

She also calls Pratiksha a gold digger, which Hansa prevents, and Mandeep rants on that only Kavya deserves to be Ravi's bride.

However, Hansa criticizes the Randhawas and doubts their ethics, while Pratik threatens to imprison Kavya.

Biji collapses on the floor, as the entire Randhawa family rushes to her aid.

As everyone's attention is drawn to Biji, Kinjal and Parul converse quietly with Pratiksha, who informs them that they must handle the situation.

She then explains everything to them and asks to take Pratik home and to check on Kavya because she is worried about her.

Ravi advises Biji to rest as Amardeep grabs Pratik's collar and blames him for Biji's condition.

When Mandeep notices Kinjal talking with Pratiksha, she approaches her and inquires whether the two sisters are threatening her.

Kinjal, on the other hand, verifies Kavya's status as a witch, while Harneet advises Mandeep not to waste her time on insignificant individuals.

Kinjal then asks Pratik to excuse Kavya again and sides with him, while Hansa notices Kinjal's strange conduct.

Meanwhile, Kavya chides the goons for their carelessness and how she gained consciousness in the interim.

The thugs inform her that the police have taken Pratiksha to jail, mistaking her for Kavya, and she decides to remain in her room.

She gets pleased to think that Pratiksha deserves such treatment because she hindered her and Ravi's relationship.

Kinjal and Parul, however, notify Pratik that it is actually Pratiksha in the bride's gown, while Hansa inquires whether this news is true.

Pratik asks Kinjal and Parul about how certain they are of Pratiksha's identity, to which Kinjal replies about the pinching event.

Pratik becomes perplexed and asks how he will prevent the police from taking Pratiksha away, while Kinjal advises him to drop the complaint.

Later, Pratik appears and informs the police that he is withdrawing his complaint, leaving everyone shocked.

Amardeep begins teasing Pratik over his fear of taking action against the Randhawa family.

Parul, on the other hand, appears to console Pratik and informs everyone that the witch Kavya should be allowed to marry Ravi.

Mandeep then takes Pratiksha in her arms and asks the priest to begin the wedding, while the Parekh family leaves the house with tears in their eyes.

Later, as Kinjal and Parul are heading out of the house, they start chitchatting and Parul calls Ravi's name a little tacky and gives him the moniker 'Reet'.

She also begins to admire Pratiksha and Ravi's reunion, while Kinjal urges her to return to reality.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha and Ravi start the wedding, and the goons inform Kavya that the wedding is restarting.

Kavya sips a glass of wine and mutters that she will teach Pratiksha a hard lesson.

She then walks down the corridor aggressively, attempting to halt the wedding.

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