Dharam Patni 19th July 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 19th July 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 19th July 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 19th July 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha hugging Rai as he approaches to help her while Sheru watches from behind.

Viper chasing Pratiksha and Ravi

Ravi suspects Sheru and requests that he not tell anybody about them but Sheru demands money.

Ravi fails to hand any causing Sheru to scream, as Ravi forcibly grips Sheru's mouth and orders Pratiksha to run.

Meanwhile, Kavya calls a cab and gets in with Manvi to look for Ravi right away.

Sheru approaches Viper and the goons and informs them that Ravi and Pratiksha are running in the opposite direction.

In the meantime, Ravi and Pratiksha start arguing as they walk out of the godown.

Pratikha claims Ravi is continually causing her problems while Ravi sees Viper whistle and calls him in his direction.

Pratiksha becomes anxious and questions what Ravi is doing while Ravi wants Pratiksha to thank him first.

Ravi then stops Viper and his goons and warns them not to move because a bomb has been hidden beneath the road that would blow them up.

However, Pratiksha questions Ravi about when he set the gadget up while Ravi runs with Pratiksha's hand in his.

Ravi drags Pratiksha to the backyard and flees away on the bike while Viper bursts in anger.

Kavya confronts Viper

Viper is preparing to leave on his bike to pursue Ravi when Kavya and Manvi confront him.

Kavya storms out of the car demanding to know where Ravi is, as Viper informs her with an evil smile that he will soon send Ravi to hell.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha glances at Ravi in the mirror and remembers how he saved her from the attackers without thinking twice.

Ravi catches Pratiksha looking quietly at him and asks whether she thinks he is attractive.

Pratiksha responds that he is so attractive that she notices Ravi not wearing a helmet while riding a bike.

Ravi mocks Pratiksha, and they both start arguing again while Viper informs Kavya that Ravi has escaped with his life's love, Pratiksha.

This enrages Kavya who advises Viper to stay within his limits.

Kavya calms herself and says she will give Viper more money, while Viper, enraged, speeds up his bike and flees with his goons.

Kavya grows anxious as she witnesses this while Manvi states that only the police can help them in this situation.

The police deny helping Kinjal

Meanwhile, Kinjal arrives at the police station and informs the inspector about some goons snatching Pratiksha and Ravi along the location. 

When the inspector learns of the location he sits back and states that he is not in control of Sector 55 and orders Kinjal to go to the Sector 55 police station.

Simultaneously, Ravi's bike comes to a halt as the petrol runs out and they both walk instead.

Amardeep, Mandeep, and Adi arrive at the police station where Kinjal is present and cries out, notifying them of the kidnapping.

Adi rushes to the inspector and requests that he hurry since his brother and his wife are missing from the house.

Kinjal informs the whole incident while the inspector asks if they feel someone from the house organized the kidnapping.

Ravi embraces Pratiksha in his arms

Viper and his goons see Ravi's bike in the middle of the road and decide to go quickly because they can't be far away.

Meanwhile, inside the car, Kavya panics and yells at Manvi while the driver cautions her to cease yelling or he would not drive.

In response, Kavya removes the driver from the car and drives away while Pratiksha and Ravi continue to bicker as they walk down the lonely road.

However, the clouds make a thunderous sound scaring Pratiksha and she immediately hugs Ravi.

Pratiksha looks at Ravi and recalls how she used to hug her father in the same manner and how much she misses him.

Meanwhile, Ravi embraces Pratilsha and promises to protect her in the same manner.

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