Dharam Patni 19th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 19th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 19th May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 19th May 2023 episode starts with Kinjal questioning Pratiksha about how she can be so relaxed when she knows Kavya will be traveling on her honeymoon with Ravi.

She laments how all the boys are the same and want the same thing from women, and again asks Pratiksha what she plans to do.

Pratiksha says she has complete faith in God and that he will never let her down.

Ravi, on the other hand, expresses his concern to Adi about Pratiksha's chilling behavior despite witnessing him on a honeymoon with another woman.

Adi assures that things are going well and that he should not be concerned about her but Ravi continues to express his worry for Pratiksha.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha affirms that she is going to show today that action talks louder than words, as the Randhawa's have begun to dismiss her demands.

Later, Mandeep sees off Ravi and Kavya at the door, and Kavya becomes concerned when she does not see Pratiksha.

However, Pratiksha stops them as they are ready to leave and wishes them a pleasant trip.

Parul is perplexed by all of this whi;e Ravi is dubious of Pratiksha's smile.

Pratiksha takes Ravi's hand, and places it in Kavya's, wishing them a very good honeymoon.

Kavya, observing this thanks Pratiksha and tries to make her jealous by resting her head on Ravi's shoulder, while Pratiksha simply grins.

However, as Kavya and Ravi leave, Kinjal asks Pratiksha what her plans are.

Meanwhile, Ravi takes his hand and tells Kavya to quit this fake drama of holding hands.

Ravi recalls all of his encounters with Pratiksha while watching Kavya, and Kavya believes he is romantically fantasizing about her.

Later, Manvi and Mandeep sit where Mandeep exhibits her happiness by sending Ravi and Kavya on their honeymoon with a broad smile.

However, Manvi expresses anxiety over Pratiksha's failure to intervene to stop Ravi and Kavya.

Mandeep assures her that Ravi and Kavya will return home as a strong couple, and Pratiksha will be unable to intervene.

In the car, Kavya becomes excited and chooses to phone Pratiksha, which puzzles Ravi.

Kavya explains she wants to give Pratiksha a reality check, and as Pratiksha answers the phone, Kavya begins gloating about the pleasant start to the honeymoon.

Kavya ends the call after much taunting, and Pratiksha's face becomes melancholy and she begins to imagine herself and Ravi, both romancing on honeymoon.

Later, the car makes a right turn and comes to a stop and the driver gets out and begins checking the engine.

The driver advises them that they must push the car or it will not start.

Kavya becomes upset but decides to push since she does not want to ruin her honeymoon.

They begin pushing and the driver video calls Pratiksha to show Kavya's condition.

Pratiksha notices Kavya struggle in the scorching weather, and Kinjal praises Pratiksha for exacting the best retribution.

Meanwhile, Mandeep and Manvi plan to video call the couple to check how far they have progressed.

However, in the end, Mandeep decides not to call because she does not want to meddle with their romance.

Kavya and Ravi keep pushing the car until Kavya observes the driver on the phone with Pratiksha and insists that he show his phone.

The driver departs the car as Kavya grabs the phone.

He tosses their bags on the road, and flees altogether, leaving Kavya and Ravi in the middle of the road.

Kavya calls Pratiksha via the driver's phone and says that she is going to make Ravi her forever today.

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