Dharam Patni 19th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 19th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 19th September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 19th September 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha going into her room while Ravi follows her casually leading Pratiksha to yell at him for remaining silent in front of everyone.

Pratiksha complains to Ravi for not supporting her despite everyone blaming her while Ravi tries to calm her down.

However, she adds that Kavya is not a child anymore and there’s a reaction to every action.

Kavya's attempt to instigate Malhar 

On the other hand, Malhar orders the constables to put Manvi behind bars while Manvi furiously tells the constable to leave her alone but fails at convincing them and ends up with Kavya.

Meanwhile, Kavya rebukes Malhar for misusing his uniform followed by instigating him towards Pratiksha by recalling all his memories with her.

Kavya goes on speaking and chides him for loving Pratika while Malhar gets angry listening to her and that’s when Kavya tells him to accept his love for Pratiksha despite the fact that she cheated him.

Just then, Malhar yells at her for trying to provoke him but Kavya doesn’t stop and compares him with Ravi.

She makes Malhar feel inferior to Ravi Ravi by saying that Ravi is more handsome and wealthier than him therefore Pratiksha left him and ran to Ravi to live a prosperous life.

Malhar gets revengeful by Kavya’s attempt to make him feel miserable about his equations with Pratiksha while Manvi smirks at him.

Pratiksha accuses Ravi of supporting Kavya

Elsewhere, Ravi explains to Pratiksha that informing things to Manvi isn’t worth it to which Pratiksha tells him that Manvi is the one who has spoiled her and it’s necessary to show her Kavya'smreality.

However, Ravi tells her that Kavya is the youngest in her house and that’s why everyone loves her unconditionally, adding that she’s not a girl with a criminal mind.

This triggers Pratishka’s anger and she complains to him for taking Kavya’s side while Ravi tries to convince her but Pratiksha leaves there.

Back in the police station, Kavya offers her help to Malhar so that she can help him take revenge on Pratishka and get him closer to his target.

This leads Malhar to recall the past when Pratiksha cheated on her and he got a promotion with the motive to teach Pratiksha a lesson,

Meanwhile, Kavya calls him to inform a confidential thing that Pratiksha told him leading Malhar to get attracted by her while Kavya reveals that today Pratiksha is going to celebrate her Suhagraat with Ravi.

Gulshan lashes out at Ravi

At Randhawa’s, Pratiksha tells Neha to bring some chillies as some people really like eating the chillies from the ones who betrayed them, taunting Ravi about Kavya.

Ravi tells Neha to bring some walnuts as some people really need them because of their lack of brain.

Further, the house bell rings when Pratiksha opens the gate and spots Gulshan at the door leading Bebe to worry about Gulshan’s upset face.

Meanwhile, Ravi takes Gulshan to Amardeep's room but doesn’t find him there which forces them to wait together in his room.

Ravi tries to comfort Gulshan leading him to interrupt Ravi and he expresses his guilt of sending Kavya to their home by trusting them.

Gulshan warns Amardeep to make him homeless

Just then, Amardeep appears there when Gulshan warns him not to spare him and his family if Kavya doesn’t get bailed soon.

Gulshan adds that he knows each and every confidential thing about him and his business, telling him his audacity to leak everything while Amardeep expresses his anger towards Kavya’s anger.

On the other hand, Kavya and Manvi keep instigating Malhar against Pratiksha, asking him to let go Kavya from the jail as she’s the only one who can stop Pratiksha from celebrating her "suhagraat" with Ravi.

In the meantime, Amardeep explains how harmful Kavya's actions would have been, and being a parent, it would be hard to see his children suffering because of Kavya.

However, Gulshan forgives Amardeep this time but warns him that if anything happens to Kavya in the future, he'll make sure to bring the Randhawas to the street while Pratiksha overhears their conversation and prays to god to help her.

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