Dharam Patni 1st June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 1st June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 1st June 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 1st June 2023 episode starts with Ravi storming out of the room and Kavya overhearing all of Pratiksha's discussions, enters the room and asks her what she is up to.

Pratiksha states with a smile that she is Ravi's Dharam Patni and was thus only getting close to him like wives do.

This enrages Kavya, and Pratiksha asks that she step aside because she has a lot of work to do because Jyoti is arriving from Paris today.

Meanwhile, Mandeep instructs Mohan to grab a refreshing beverage, and when Jyoti greets Mandeep, Mandeep is astonished and thrilled to see her after such a long time.

Mandeep greets Jyoti with a hearty hug and tells her that if she had gotten her visa sooner, she could have attended Ravi's wedding.

Manvi states that now that Jyoti is here, all the joys have returned to the house.

However, Ravi intervenes and Jyoti upon seeing him taunts him for not picking her up from the airport in this harsh heat.

Mandeep asks Jyoti to rest, but Jyoti insists on meeting Ravi's wife first, to which Kavya approaches and accepts her blessings.

Jyoti makes a sloppy face when she notices Kavya's dressing sense, while Mandeep orders Mohan again to fetch Jyoti a cold drink right away.

As Pratiksha enters, Kavya indicates that the servant is approaching and Pratiksha demands that Kavya hold the tray.

Pratiksha accepts Jyoti's blessings and taking back the tray delivers Jyoti her cool drink, saying that it is neither too cold nor too warm, as she prefers.

This makes Jyoti pleased, however, Ravi becomes concerned when he sees Pratiksha and Kavya in the same room.

Jyoti inquires about Pratiksha, and she presents herself as Ravi's legal wife, which astounds Jyoti.

Mandeep grabs Jyoti's hand and leads her into her room while Kavya and Pratiksha exchange icy stares.

Mandeep tells everything to Jyoti and adds that Pratiksha is only staying at the house by coercion.

However, upon hearing this, Jyoti takes Pratiksha's side claiming that Pratiksha is correct in fighting for her rights as Ravi's legal wife, and begins praising her for her morals and elegance.

Mandeep gets furious and urges Jyoti to avoid Pratiksha, while Ravi brightens as he hears nice things about Pratiksha.

Meanwhile, Adi is getting ready to party with his pals for the first time in a long time and fantasizes about meeting gorgeous girls in a filmy setting.

He complains to God about being single, whereas Ravi has two lovely wives who are willing to do anything he wants.

However, Ravi arrives and mocks his fashion sense while Adi informs him that he can no longer be single.

Ravi explains to Adi, frustrated, that staying single is a far better option than being in a relationship and cites his own example of how he is caught in the middle.

Ravi says he felt pleased after hearing positive things about Pratiksha from Jyoti, while Adi wonders whether anything happened between him and Pratiksha in private.

Ravi walks out of the room, irritated, while Kavya obsesses over Pratiksha.

Manvi, seeing Kavya tensed asks if everything is fine to which Kavya expresses her irritation by conveying to her that Pratiksha is succeeding in her plans while they are only watching her.

She criticizes Manvi for doing nothing but teasing Pratiksha and reminds out that Pratiksha is also succeeding in establishing a good relationship with Jyoti.

Meanwhile, Manvi informs Kavya that she is planning something major against Pratiksha.

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