Dharam Patni 1st March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 1st March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 1st March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 1st March 2023 episode starts with Ravi and Pratiksha being told by Beeji to head back outside as they enter the house.

She adds that though she fails to understand what were Ravi’s motives to marry Pratiksha, she will perform their “Grah Pravesh” ceremony.

However, Kavya declares she can’t tolerate Pratiksha getting the status of Ravi’s wife.

Ravi tells Kavya what he did was necessary but Kavya reminds him that he even broke his promise to Kirti in the process.

She weeps as she recalls how she loved and trusted him and Ravi yells that the wedding is not for his happiness but for causing unhappiness in Pratiksha’s life.

Kavya threatens Ravi

Kavya says no matter what, she’s the one who is left torn apart being left at the altar.

Ravi tells Kavya that no one can replace the role Kirti had in his life while Kavya throws a tantrum that he must nullify this wedding.

Kavya says that she has already accepted Ravi as his husband and tells Beeji to begin with their “grah pravesh” ceremony.

However, when Nupur brings out the plate for the “puja”, Beeji takes it to Pratiksha instead of Kavya and Kavya immediately snatches the plate out of her hand.

Kavya tries to convince Ravi to stop with the insanity but he’s not one to listen.

Ravi says he was shattered when Kirti died and considers no one else his wife but since he has married Pratiksha, she will stay with him.

He repeats that he married Pratiksha to torture her and ruin her life.

Pratiksha wonders why she’s being punished for a crime she didn’t commit while Beeji tells Kavya to not cause further hindrance in the post-wedding rituals.

She walks with the plate in her hand but as Mandeep arrives, she pushes the plate off her hands.

Mandeep reminds Beeji that Pratiksha is the one who killed Kirti and announces that she won’t consider her as her daughter-in-law.

She adds that it’s her house and so she won’t let Pratiksha stay with them.

Mandeep fight with Bee Ji

Beeji reminds Mandeep that the house is hers and the wedding is already completed, so they will have to face the truth.

Mandeep tries to explain that Pratiksha’s presence will eclipse the happiness of their life while Amar points out his disappointment in his son.

Ravi tells them that he wants to punish Pratiksha and make her suffer every minute of the day as she finds herself in a marriage of the strangest kind.

Mandeep tells Ravi to stop trying to act like a god by trying to nullify her karma while she tells Pratiksha that with her status and class, she won’t accept her as Ravi’s wife.

Ravi’s uncle defends Pratiksha as he points out that technically he also doesn’t match the status of their family but lives there.

Hansa Taunts Malhar

Meanwhile, Malhar arranges a lawyer to get Pratiksha back while Hansa taunts Malhar that Ravi was able to marry Pratiksha and get away with ease.

On the other hand, as Harneet tells Ravi she too is disappointed in him, he tells her that he loved Kirti beyond any limits and hates Pratiksha just as much.

He assures Kavya that she will become his life partner in the future but she doesn’t believe him at all.

Bee Ji welcomes Pratiksha as Ravi's wife

While Mandeep continues to threaten Ravi that she won’t allow Pratiksha to stay with them and Kavya continues to beg Ravi to change his decision, Ravi tells them to stop the drama already.

He announces that right now Pratiksha is his wife and Kavya will be his wife in the future.

While Mandeep is shocked that Ravi is going against her, Beeji tells Mandeep to respect his decision.

When told not to interfere by Mandeep between her and Ravi, Beeji tells her to not interfere with the customs of their household.

Beeji holds Pratiksha lovingly and adds that no matter how good or bad Pratiksha is, she’s Ravi’s wife now and so she will get the “grah pravesh” she deserves.

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