Dharam Patni 1st May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 1st May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 1st May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 1st May 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha fighting for her rights while Kavya passes her cold stare.

Mandeep begins to criticize Pratiksha and refers to her as a gold digger, and Kavya encourages Mandeep by stating that Pratiksha is battling for Randhawa's property.

Pratiksha tells Mandeep that she has equal rights in the house, and informs her that she is returning to teach them a hard lesson.

She claims to be fighting for her rights, but seeing the same drama, Mandeep becomes furious and refuses her petition.

Pratiksha describes how Ravi abandoned her in the middle of the road and declares loudly that she will not let Ravi succeed while he destroys her life.

Kavya, on the other hand, begins her mild drama while everyone stands silently watching them.

Pratiksha confronts Kavya and mocks Ravi for breaking marital norms, while Kavya considers Pratiksha a low-class lady.

When Pratiksha hears this, she becomes irate while Kavya continues, pointing fingers at Kinjal and Parul's characters as well.

Pratiksha explodes in rage and slaps Kavya, urging her to look in the mirror before pointing her brazen finger at her sister's character.

Manvi, on the other hand, threatens Pratiksha with imprisonment, but Pratiksha explains how the law at least supports her and will grant her rights by imprisoning the Sachdevas and Randhawas.

Amardeep becomes enraged at this comment and challenges Pratiksha about why she is still in the family after the wedding.

Pratiksha smiles and asks Amardeep to clarify the same to Gulshan and Manvi.

However, Amardeep demands to know the truth, and Pratiksha explains how Manvi sent two goons behind Pratiksha, who abducted her and prevented her from stopping the wedding.

Pratiksha begins retelling the entire scenario and approaches Biji, prompting her to recall hearing her voice upstairs during the wedding.

Ravi is taken aback by the truth and recalls how he saw the men carrying a large carpet on their shoulders, while Pratiksha describes how people tried to stop her.

Manvi hastily tries to rationalize her heinous crime, claiming she could not have simply sat knowing Pratiksha is a threat to both families.

She explains how Pratiksha was the one who locked Kavya in the closet and tried to falsely marry Ravi while pretending to be Kavya.

Kavya also supports Manvi and describes how Kinjal slapped Kavya in the head with a vase, while Pratiksha requests that Kavya quit her drama.

Pratiksha claims she acted in accordance with Kavya's bad ways, while Ravi questions Pratiksha on how she might ever consider marrying him in a deceptive manner.

She makes Ravi remember how he originally wrongfully wedded Pratiksha and tells him that this is now a marriage and she will not allow Ravi back out so casually.

Kavya, however, does not waste time and takes Pratiksha's hand in an attempt to toss her out, but Pratiksha stops her.

Mandeep threatens Pratiksha with calling the police, but Pratiksha stands bravely and snatches the phone, stating that she will call the police herself and notify them of the entire truth.

Hearing this frightens Mandeep, and she grabs the phone from Pratiksha, while Kavya threatens to end Pratiksha's life.

Pratiksha describes Kava as a shameless woman who just understands how to ruin other people's lives and insists that Kavya leave the house.

Pointing her finger at the door, Mandeep orders Pratiksha to leave the house while.

Manvi and Kavya grab Pratiksha and throw her over the door, however, a lady arrives.

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