Dharam Patni 1st September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 1st September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 1st September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 1st September 2023 episode starts with Ravi confronting Kavya while she makes eyes at Ravi in a frustrating manner.

Kavya looks tensed while Ravi asks her what is the packet doing here.

Ravi looks on at Kavya but when she doesn't give him an answer, Ravi leaves for the police station which makes Kavya so anxious that she runs off to Manvi.

On the other hand, Hansa keeps on ranting as she looks helplessly at Pratiksha who is behind the bars, gripping them loosely.

When Pratiksha laughs suddenly, Hansa asks her if she has lost her mind but Pratiksha says that Hansa is very cute which prompts Hansa to get a little annoyed.

She raises her hand to smack Pratiksha but realizes that she did it five minutes ago and feels remorseful. 

Meanwhile, Pratiksha asks her not to be sorry as she is providing her with the motherly love she has been craving for.

Hansa smiles mildly and tells Pratiksha that her mother taught her everything but she didn't tell her how to fight off the people who will not think twice to bulldoze over her.

Hansa mocks Ravi who couldn't take Pratiksha's side in front of his annoying family and asks Pratiksha how to fight the world from her as she is her second mother now.

Just then, Ravi enters the police station, igniting Hansa's anger who keeps on bashing him for not doing anything and now standing like a stupid fellow with his head down.

Pratik also gets informed that they cannot do anything now to get Pratiksha out of jail. 

On the other hand, an anxious Kavya approaches Manvi and says that Ravi has gone out to get the bad luck, aka Pratiksha, out of jail.

Manvi gets angered and asks Kavya to call all the family members in the hall and when they all come in, Manvi shares an honest piece of advice with others. 

She says that as Kavya's mother, she is aghast, and as Mandeep's friend, she is disrespected along with her daughter.

When Mandeep asks Manvi to speak her mind clearly, Manvi reminds the Randhawa's that all the glory and wealth they have is because of her husband, Gulshan, who helped Amar.

Mandeep tells Manvi that she is crossing a line now and Amardeep also reminds Manvi that Gulshan also gets a handsome pay every month for all the hard work he has done.

At the police station, Pratiksha signals to Kinjal to stop Hansa from bashing Ravi when all of a sudden, the inspector comes in and asks all of them to be quiet.

Ravi then says that he needs to talk to him alone while Hansa glares at him and Pratiksha looks very anxious to see the situation.

At the Randhawa house, Manvi bursts open in wrath when Biji asks her why she is so pissed.

Just then, Manvi says that Amar and Mandeep brought money into their friendship which has been there for a very long time.

Further, everyone thinks of Manvi as a in-law of Mandeep but they do not know that they have been friends cum sisters.

However, since she just has Kavya left and not Keerti, Manvi announces that her only daughter isn't getting the care and respect in this house as Ravi has gone to fetch Pratiksha from the police station.

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