Dharam Patni 21st December 2022 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st December 2022 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st December 2022 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 21st December 2022 episode starts with Kirti getting a call and leaving while Ravi tries to go after her.

However, the family members stop him while they tease him.

He manages to escape from them and runs outside but gets shocked to see Kirti leaving in a car.

Just then, he notices that the bracelet that Kirti gave him is missing and goes to the place where Pratiksha was getting engaged as he thinks he might have lost it there.

Meanwhile, Kirti reaches the police station with Nisha and talks to the police officer while demanding to file a case against Raghu and his Boss Thakur.

The police officer tries to calm Kirti while she tells him that she will file a case through her father which will be harmful to even him.

A constable goes to the side and calls Raghu while informing him about Kirti.

However, Thakur snatches the phone from Raghu and listens to the constable while he shoots towards Raghu in anger.

On the other hand, Kirti gets a call from Ravi who is sitting in his car outside Parekh's place.

Kirti accepts his call as she keeps talking to the DIG and informs him about the tempo's number.

Ravi gets shocked as he sees that the tempo whose number Kirti is reciting is in front of his eyes.

He tries to talk to Kirti while the network goes bad again and she disconnects the call.

Ravi sees the tempo leaving and tries to go after it but fails as his car does not start.

He starts to go after it but stops as he sees his lost chain.

Just then, Pratiksha notices him and walks to him while asking him if he is drunk.

He asks her why she would be drunk and tells her that he found his fiancee and got engaged to her.

Pratiksha says that she is happy as she tells him that she had prayed for him and his fiancee to be together.

Further, Ravi shows her the bracelet telling her that he was bending down to get the bracelet.

However, Pratiksha argues that it is a lady's chain and tells him to prove it if it is his.

Ravi gets annoyed as he shows her a picture of him and Kirti with them wearing matching bracelets.

Ravi leaves while Pratiksha goes back inside.

Meanwhile, Thakur tells Raghu to make sure that Kirti dies the next morning.

The next morning, while Kirti is waiting for the taxi to go to the mall, Raghu and his accomplice arrive in a jeep.

They try to hit her with their vehicle but Ravi saves her at the same time and reveals to her that he has bought his bodyguards with her.

Further, the couple starts on their way to the mall while Raghu and his accomplice Ravi follow them.

The couple reaches the mall while Thakur tells Raghu that he is coming to the mall to see the work get done.

While Ravi and Kirti flirt with each other in the mall, Pratiksha and Malhar also reach the same mall to do their shopping.

Raghu's friend Ravi tries to stop Raghu from entering the mall while Raghu states that he will not let a measly girl like Kirti ruin his reputation in front of Thakur.

Ravi and Raghu disperse in the mall and wait for Kirti to come to where they are so that Raghu can kill her with a knife.

Kirti walks away from there while Raghu's friend Ravi takes the knife and goes after her.

However, he backs out as he sees Thakur coming towards Kirti with a knife in his hand.

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