Dharam Patni 21st February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st February 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 21st February 2023 episode starts with Ravi looking at the knife while Malhar tells Pratik to call the police. 

Just then, Ravi puts the knife on Pratiksha’s neck and tells her to clear his way. 

Kinjal calls Ravi mad while Ravi uses the opportunity of the crowd to move when the police come there. 

Just then, the police's gun drop on the floor after colliding with the crowd which Ravi picks up. 

Jhumki is at the temple, saying that fate has a way of bringing people together no matter how much they try to stay away.

She prays not to break the bond between Ravi and Pratiksha. 

Meanwhile, Ravi tells Pratiksha to walk with him as he will take her to her destruction. 

Pratiksha tells him that he has some misunderstanding while Ravi tells her that she will live in misunderstanding all her life from now on. 

Ravi tells her to see her family once and for all and takes Pratiksha away and locks them all in the house. 

Later, Malhar tells his officers to get the door from outside. 

Meanwhile, Pratiksha tries to reason with Ravi, telling him to go to Kavya who must be waiting for him but Ravi tells her to be quiet and runs away. 

Just then, Ravi sees an empty bus and climbs inside it and ties Pratiksha inside. 

In the meantime, the driver returns and requests Ravi to not take his bus while Ravi points a gun at him and tells him to come to his house tomorrow and take it. 

Just then, Deepanshu tells Adi that he does not want to marry Kavya to find out about Ravi before they are caught. 

Just then, Gulshan gets a call from the commissioner informing him about Ravi kidnapping Pratiksha. 

Depanshu and Adi see an angry Gulshan coming towards them who takes the Sehra (groom's veil) off Depanshu’s face. 

After seeing Deepanshu being beaten by Gulshan, Adi tells them that he was just following Ravi’s instructions. 

Gulshan tells everyone about Ravi kidnapping Pratiksha while everyone asks Adi about Ravi’s current location. 

Meanwhile, Ravi is driving angrily while Pratiksha tells him to let her go as her family's reputation is at stake. 

On being told to be quiet, Pratiksha taunts him, saying no one has asked him to come to her while Ravi tells her that it is her doings that have forced him into kidnapping her. 

He also calls her PP, Problematic Pratiksha, while Pratiksha calls him MP, Magnetic person, who attracts all the problems to himself. 

Pratiksha is sure that Pratik and Malhar will come after her and save her.

However, Ravi tells her that by the time they will find them, his work will be done and Pratiksha's life will get swallowed by darkness. 

Pratiksha prays to God to be protected from Ravi’s madness. 

Meanwhile, Malhar tells the commissioner to send reinforcement, saying Ravi is not in his right mind, and requests him to let him handle the case 

Malhar tells Hansa that Pratiksha will be his wife no matter how long it takes. 

Meanwhile, Parul is happy for Pratiksha to be taken away by Ravi. 

In the meantime, Jhumki stands in the way of Malhar’s jeep while Hansa thinks of her as a stomach herbal medicine selling lady.

Malhar tells her to get out of the way while she tells him that his fate and not hers, is stopping him as Pratiksha is not in his fate. 

Hansa threatens Jhumki by informing her that Malhar will put her in jail while Jhumki laughs and tells Hansa that Pratiksha has reached her destiny and Malhar's story is over.

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