Dharam Patni 21st June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st June 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 21st June 2023 episode starts with Ravi arguing with the inspector to let Pratiksha out of the jail while Pratiksha gets teary-eyed seeing Ravi there. 

However, the inspector gets angry at Ravi’s argument and tells the constable to lock him up too. 

On the other hand, Mandeep complains to Amardeep about Ravi leaving the meeting for Pratiksha’s sake. 

She tells him that Ravi’s behaviour will hurt Kavya who loves Ravi a lot and is his wife. 

However, Amardeep tells her that it is Pratiksha that Ravi has feelings for and advised her before to stay out of their matter.

Ravi Banters With Pratiksha

At the police station, Ravi protests at being locked up while the inspector tells him that his attitude asks for it. 

Meanwhile, Pratiksha taunts Ravi for getting himself locked up instead of freeing them.

Ravi feels offended at Pratiksha’s taunt and tells her how he has left everything to rush back to her to help her and she is showing him attitude.

However, Pratiksha is not impressed and tells him that she did not ask him to come and scolds Kinjal for calling him. 

Ravi tells her to keep Kinjal out of it and talk to him and ask if she knows anything better than fighting with people. 

Soon their bantering turns into a full-on battle and takes a severe turn when Pratiksha calls Ravi impulsive, leaving her to face the consequences. 

She also tells him that he has complicated all the relations so much that now things cannot be set right without hurting someone and she does not want to be that person. 

Meanwhile, Ravi tells her that she is unnecessarily complicating matters. 

Mandeep And Manvi Plan Teej for Kavya

Elsewhere, Mandeep complains to Manvi about Ravi and his decision to marry Pratiksha in anger that has given Pratiksha so much power that she is dancing on their heads.

On hearing that Ravi is acting as Pratiksha’s saviour at the moment, Manvi requests Mandeep to not tells Kavya about this and instead make Kavya’s Teej in Randhava's house memorable. 

Mandeep plans to go for shopping for Kavya and tells Manvi to accompany her. 

In the meantime, the constable comes to stop Ravi and Pratiksha’s fighting and tells them they are being released so they can continue their fight in their own home. 

Later, Ravi opens the front door of the car for Pratiksha and she sits there without any argument while Kinjal smiles at Pratiksha.

Elsewhere, Mandeep shows her shopping to everyone and makes plans to celebrate Teej with pomp.   

However, Kavya asks Mandeep about Ravi who has not returned yet while Biji asks Mandeep if she has not told Kavya about Ravi. 

Kavya looks puzzled and asks them what have they not told her. 

Pratiksha Blames Ravi

Elsewhere, Ravi stops Pratiksha from going inside and taunts her for not thanking him. 

Pratiksha calls Ravi reckless and irresponsible and asks him why can he not own up to his mistake. 

She tells him that he is mistaken to think that by getting her out of jail, all his mistakes will be forgiven as he is the reason why she went to jail in the first place.

Meanwhile, Mandeep lies to Kavya about Ravi going to the office from the airport while Kavya feels irritated but goes to lay the dinner table and not to let Ravi spoil her mood. 

Afterwards, Mandeep tells everyone that she was told by a constable that Pratiksha will not be released today and hopes that she stays locked up until Teej is over so that Kavya can enjoy it.  

However, Biji objects to lying to Kavya and tells her that Kavya is not a child. 

On the other hand, Pratiksha tells Ravi that when he married her after crashing her wedding, he ruined her life and to add insult to injury he left her in the middle of the road to be labelled as a stranded married woman.

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