Dharam Patni 21st March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 21st March 2023 episode starts with Mandeep chastising the Priest for assigning the tilak to the incorrect couple.

Mandeep points to Kavya and informs the Priest that she is the bride as Kavya, Manvi, and Kinjal arrive.

The priest describes Ravi and Pratiksha as the ideal couple because he saw them fighting as couples do, so he assumed they were the couple and begs for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Hansa and Renu are having a conversation when Prakash, Parul, and Pratik arrive.

Renu asks Parul if she is the sister who taught Kinjal how to make beautiful rangoli, but Hansa interrupts and begins chatting just as Parul is about to take Pratiksha's name.

While Pratik takes the names of the three sisters, Renu is perplexed as to who Pratiksha is and inquires Hansa about it.

Simultaneously, Kavya begins to make fun of Pratiksha for being the dark shadow in her relationship with Ravi.

She refers to her as a magnet who is always eager to get close to Ravi and is constantly looking for ways to end her sheer relationship.

Kinjal becomes so enraged for insulting Pratiksha at this point that she orders everyone to keep their mouths shut and Ravi locked up at home if they believe Ravi is the one who is always in danger.

She continues to request that Kavya pertain lemon and chilly to her throat so that if she believes she is in danger, she will be at least safe.

Kavya then points her finger at Kinjal, who claims it won't take long to break her pointed finger.

Meanwhile, the other Priest arrives, and Kavya begins mocking him, claiming his traditions are false, and Mandeep refers to Pratiksha and Kinjal as cruel orphans of the world, and Pratiksha runs away.

However, Mandeep instructs the Priest to begin the wedding ceremony now that the black shadow, aka Pratiksha, has vanished.

Pratiksha flees the temple, crying, asking God why he is making her life so difficult and why she is being held accountable for actions she did not commit.

In the temple, as Mandeep hands the Priest the 'Panchamprit,' Kavya's name is erased, and the Priest informs them that an incident like this on Shiv Ratri means that Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati are not accepting this couple, which surprises Kavya and Mandeep.

Pratik then accuses Hansa of claiming Pratiksha's identity as their neighbor's daughter.

Pratik tells Hansa that he will not lie about them, but Hansa objects and claims that if anyone finds out about Pratiksha's in-laws' situation, nobody ought to marry the other two sisters.

A lady then approaches Pratiksha and, seeing her crying, asks her not to bawl here and to finish the task for which she came.

She also tells Pratiksha that she should believe in God Parvati's powers and that she will surely bring her justice, to which Pratiksha nods her head in agreement.

Meanwhile, Hansa convinces Pratik and explains that settling Kinjal into a decent family will benefit everyone and keep Pratiksha out of it, to which Pratiskha appears.

Mandeep requests that Ravi remove the tilak mark from his forehead, which Ravi rejects.

Kavya then requests Ravi remove it because it is a sign of Pratiksha and she does not want any involvement of Pratiksha on her wedding day.

She then removes her veil and begins removing the tilak mark from his brow.

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