Dharam Patni 21st September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 21st September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 21st September 2023 episode starts with the saree seller showing sarees to the Randhawa ladies house for Janmashtami.

However, Pratiksha stands aloof in a corner as Mandeep comments stating that it is considered a blessing if the daughter-in-law of the house wakes up early and does Pooja.

Dolly who is munching on something asks Mandeep to not bother Pratiksha and asks her to get on with her day.

Kavya smirks when just then, Ravi appears in the hallway and greets everyone.

Ravi sees Pratiksha as she apologizes to him for waking up late and not keeping track of time.

Meanwhile, Ravi tells Pratiksha that she should get ready in time.

Mandeep notices the closeness between the duo and interrupts their eye stare by asking Ravi to select a saree for Kavya.

However, Ravi ignores Kavya's part and tells Mandeep that he will be there for the Janmashtami party with Pratiksha.

Further, Dolly asks Ravi if the saree she chose will look good or not on her making Ravi gigglingly tell her that she is a beauty queen.

Kavya gets angered as Pratiksha goes into her bedroom, followed by Ravi.

Ravi sees Pratiksha smiling to herself and asks her to beautify herself more which catches Pratiksha off guard.

She asks him if he means that she has to beautify herself more and Ravi nods, getting closer to Pratiksha.

He tells her that at the party, he wants to introduce her as Pratiksha Ravi Randhawa which makes Pratiksha's breath hitch.

Just then, Kavya appears at the doorway and gets jealous to see the proximity between Ravi and Pratiksha.

Ravi leaves the room by telling Pratiksha to take her time to get ready adding that she must have 'gajra' on as he loves it.

Pratiksha goes to shower during which Kavya enters the room, putting the gajra on herself.

After smelling Ravi's cologne from his shirt laid on the bed, Kavya grabs hair oil and pours it in front of the bathroom gate so Pratiksha falls.

Meanwhile, Bebe and Amardeep joke about how men too, taking time to get ready like women.

Just then, Bebe asks about Pratiksha's whereabouts but Manvi counter attacks her, asking about how can Pratiksha go with them.

This irritates Bebe so much that she announces that since she is the head of the house, she is free to speak her own mind as her own house is bereft of peace as everyone keeps waging war against each other.

Mandeep understands Bebe's point which makes Manvi a bit frustrated.

In the room, Pratiksha slips as per Kavya's planning making her scream out for help.

Ravi appears and picks Prateeksha in his arms, and puts her on the bed.

He coaxes her to feel calm and massages her ankles while Pratiksha says that she feels she is very lucky sometimes.

Ravi gets mesmerised by her statement and asks Prateeksha to repeat it but she gets shy and tells Ravi he is taking advantage of her.

However, Ravi gets even more amused and reminds Pratiksha how she brought the NGO ladies and the police to reclaim her position as his dharampatni and he is just helping her out with that.

He finally makes her repeat her sentence while Kavya bubbles up in rage as she is still in the room.

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