Dharam Patni 22nd August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 22nd August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 22nd August 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 22nd August 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha looking at Ravi angrily and telling him to leave her hand.

She asks him if he's forcing her or showing his right and they both start arguing as Pratiksha does not want to talk to him.

Kinjal intervenes and scolds them telling them that they are fighting childishly and leaves from there.

Pratiksha is about to go after her but is stopped by Ravi who informs her that he has already apologized to Mandeep.

He tells her that Mandeep has told him to not support Pratiksha and tells Pratiksha to come with him and apologize to Mandeep.

However, Pratiksha refuses and leaves while Kavya realizes that Pratiksha has gone through her phone making her worried.

Elsewhere, Biji talks to Amardeep telling him that he should wear a sherwani to look pretty.

They see Mandeep walking by with laughter making them surprised while Adi informs them that Ravi and Mandeep have gotten over their fight.

Amardeep and Biji decide to prank Mandeep and speak loudly about punishing Ravi.

Mandeep comes there and scolds Amar telling him to not even dare about saying anything to her son.

Realizing that the two are pranking her, Mandeep leaves while Amar and Biji go after her.

Dolly talks to Manvi about how parents can do anything for their children's happiness which is why Manvi cannot think when it comes to what is right and what is wrong for Kavya after Keerti's death.

Kavya keeps worrying about her truth being exposed while Dolly tells Manvi to not act naive in front of her as she knows whatever Kavya did and met in the hospital.

She gets back into her normal jolly demeanor and leaves telling Manvi that it's good to be scared sometimes.

Getting a call from Kavya, she goes to her room where Kavya tells her that Pratiksha has found out everything.

Manvi informs her about Dolly while Kavya tells her about the phone exchange.

Kavya starts getting worried while Manvi tells her that Pratiksha would have revealed the truth if she had heard the recording.

However, Kavya reasons that Pratiksha might be waiting till the Pooja ends.

Dolly comes there just then and takes Manvi away to get ready after which everyone comes downstairs and gets ready for Pooja.

Mandeep tells Ravi that Pratiksha has to apologize to her while Ravi tells her that he'll make her do it after the end of Pooja.

The Shanti Pooja ends and Panditji tells Ravi's wife to come forward and sit with Ravi for the Satyanarayan pooja.

Both Pratiksha and Kavya stand up to sit beside Ravi while Ravi closes his eyes.

Kavya just then gets a message from Viper telling her that he is waiting for her in her room to collect the money.

She fakes having a headache and goes to her room while Ravi and Pratiksha continue on with the pooja.

Hansa asks Kinjal how Kavya did not even put up a fight while Kinjal reveals how she had changed her contact name to Viper in Kavya's phone and sent a message to her that Viper is waiting for her in her room.

The storm starts as Mandeep goes to get Prasad from the kitchen while Kavya returns and sits beside Manvi.

She calls Viper's contact and Kinjal's phone starts ringing as she rushes to turn it off.

Kavya figures out what is happening and gets angry at Pratiksha and Kinjal.

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