Dharam Patni 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 22nd February 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 22nd February 2023 episode starts with Gulshan declaring that Ravi has betrayed them and left Kavya at the altar.

He worries about Kavya who would be devastated when this news is broken down to her.

Meanwhile, Ravi is driving away with Pratiksha who is tied to the pole of the bus they are in.

Pratiksha asks Ravi to stop but he tells her that if she wants to run away, she must untie herself on her own.

He adds that his mission is to ruin her life so that he can avenge Kirti’s death.

Pratiksha tells him once again that she had nothing to do with Kirti’s death but he doesn’t believe her at all.

As he drives her into the unknown, there’s a police checkpoint ahead, which panics him briefly.

On the other hand, Veer ji asks Aditya if he knew and he hangs his head in confirmation.

Gulshan slaps Mr. Dhillon as he blames his son, Aditya for all of it but Aditya stands up for his father.

Mandeep tells Gulshan that she’s sure Ravi had a reason but he reminds her that Ravi had come forward and agreed to marry Kavya, so if he had a valid reason, he could have discussed it with everyone.

Aggravated that his reputation is now ruined because of Ravi, Gulshan declares that he will never marry Kavya to Ravi even if he shows up now.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha taunts Ravi that a police checkpoint everywhere shouldn’t be a surprise since Malhar is an inspector and is obviously looking for Pratiksha.

As the bus is parked at a safe distance from the checkpoint, she tries to draw the police’s attention but Ravi ties her feet as well.

As she begins to call for help, Ravi immediately covers her mouth with his hand but when she makes more noises, he releases his hands momentarily and she tells him that her nose pin is hurting her.

Ravi removes the nose pin and then covers her mouth again but as he does so, he feels something for her but reminds himself he has to avenge Kirti’s death

Even Pratiksha thinks to herself that there was a spark between them but recalls her love for Malhar and how Ravi has just caused her pain.

As Ravi goes back to the driving seat, he takes a sharp u-turn which the police notice and inform Malhar.

Malhar informs Hansa who tells him to get revenge and he reassures her that he won’t let Ravi live peacefully.

Meanwhile, Kavya is waiting for Ravi in her room and decides to pass her time by booking her honeymoon tickets in the Maldives.

While Kavya is busy daydreaming, Malhar calls a police officer and demands that he needs Ravi Randhawa dead at the dead end he’s headed for.

He tells Hansa and Pratik that he’s doing his job as a police officer while they worry about Pratiksha’s safety who is on the same bus.

Inside the bus, Pratiksha tells Ravi he won’t win no matter what and that, it’s all doomed for him as the police are following him.

Ravi unties her briefly as he sees her struggling but as he sees Kirti’s face in hers, he immediately ties her hands back to the pole while she’s confused.

Meanwhile, Malhar is informed that they are heading towards the area where a landslide had occurred recently and he turns his jeep in that direction.

Ravi’s tyre gets stuck in the mud and Malhar and his team catch up with him and have surrounded him.

As Malhar comes next to his window, he points a gun at him but Ravi points a gun at Pratiksha in retaliation which causes Malhar to consider his next move.

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