Dharam Patni 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 22nd September 2023 episode starts with Ravi telling Pratiksha that he can kiss her making her shy. 

Kavya hides as Bebe speaks from the door and interrupts them saying that she knew they would fall in love sooner or later. 

Kavya states that she is happy for once that Bebe interrupted them while Bebe teases Ravi and Pratiksha. 

Ravi tells her to not tease him while he tells Pratiksha to promise her to not get up and stay in bed and rest. 

Kavya smirks as she watches Ravi leave with Dadi while Pratiksha goes to the washroom. 

They come downstairs as Dolly, Mandeep, and Manvi talk about Kavya not being anywhere in her room. 

Kavya comes out of her hiding while Pratiksha states that she thought that Kavya would be spying on her. 

She mocks her telling Kavya that she had challenged her to get Ravi in twenty-four hours. 

Pratiksha asks her why she is trying to meddle in her and Ravi's relationship. 

Pratiksha says that Kavya is the one who sneaked into her room and spilled oil outside her bathroom to make her sprain her ankle. 

She tells Kavya that she won't be far from Ravi anymore as they will be coming closer and closer now that they know each other. 

Kavya asks her if she learned how to seduce Ravi from her cheap home and mocks her upbringing. 

However, Pratiksha shouts at her and tells Kavya that Ravi is fated to be with her. 

She talks about all the signs that God gave her that Ravi and she were meant to be together. 

She holds up her Mangalsutra and tells Kavya that Ravi is her husband while Kavya tells her to not be delusional. 

Before the fight can escalate, Kavya walks out and Ravi enters the room as he saves Pratiksha from tripping and scolds her for getting up. 

He makes her sit and bids her goodbye as the family leaves while Kavya sends a message to Malhar telling him that Pratiksha is alone at home. 

Malhar gets excited as he tells Balveer that he's going to bring back Pratiksha while packing a pill in a piece of paper. 

Balveer wishes him luck as Malhar hides the pill in his pocket and sets out to make Pratiksha his. 

Meanwhile, Bela welcomes the Randhawa family while Manvi boasts about Kavya and Ravi becoming a married couple. 

Kavya clings to Ravi while Dolly takes their video as instructed by Kavya. 

Biji tells Amardeep that he should tell Bela and everyone that Ravi's wife is Pratiksha and not Kavya. 

Amar tells her that it's not necessary as everyone knows that Ravi's wife is Pratiksha and not Kavya. 

Later, Dolly shows the video to Kavya who smiles watching it and says that Pratiksha will burn in jealousy seeing it. 

Meanwhile, Pratiksha calls Kinjal and waits for her to pick up the call. 

However, she gets a message from Kavya just then and the doorbell rings at the same time. 

Pratiksha goes to open the door and is surprised to see Malhar while he is on a call with Kavya. 

Kavya tells him to take Pratiksha with him and do whatever he wants to do as he has the chance right now. 

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