Dharam Patni 23rd June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 23rd June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 23rd June 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 23rd June 2023 episode starts with Kinjal awkwardly discussing with Dadi how Ravi was too harsh in reprimanding Pratiksha, to which Dadi asks Kinjal to make Pratiksha explain things.

Kinjal sits on the bed and says that the wall between Pratiksha and Ravi is quite thick as a result of all of these ongoing situations and that it will take time for Pratiksha to forget everything and accept Ravi.

Dadi proclaims that all she wants is for the couple to get closer while Kinjal promises her that this will happen soon.

Meanwhile, Ravi is seated on a bench outside with a drunk stranger with whom he is discussing his life difficulties and Pratiksha.

Ravi is advised by the inebriated man to simply follow his heart and accept reality by embracing his affection for Pratiksha.

As he says this, he bends down and becomes unconscious prompting Ravi to depart for the house.

Pratiksha gently grips Ravi's hands as he walks carelessly down the corridor as he enters the Randhawa mansion.

Ravi and Pratiksha both pause and glance at one other before Ravi takes his hand away and orders Pratiksha to stay away from him as well.

Hearing this, Pratiksha becomes enraged and they both decide to leave, but they both stop wanting to turn around and profess their affection for one other.

They both begin walking angrily, and Pratiksha enters the room instantly slams the door, and mutters angrily that she does not expect Ravi to stand up for her in any family situation.

In frustration, she questions herself about her persistent yearning for Ravi and reminds herself that she cannot fall in love with him.

She holds Ravi's photo frame in the room and demands that he quit acting falsely caring for her.

Meanwhile, Ravi walks by the hall and finds Kinjal who is melancholy sitting at the dining table.

He queries her about why she is upset and what she is thinking to which Kinjal responds by asking Ravi whether he dislikes her.

Ravi thinks Kinjal is a really sweet girl who is significantly different from her sister and encourages her to express her problem honestly because he would not condemn her.

Kinjal tells Ravi that Pratiksha is quite introverted when it comes to revealing sentiments but she is certain Pratiksha has feelings for him.

After confronting the truth, Ravi informs Kinjal that from now on everything will be done according to Pratiksha's wishes.

He also says that if Pratiksha wants to continue hurting their relationship, he will not stop her and leaves.

Later, Kinjal enters Pratiksha's bedroom and requests her to see the good in Ravi and give her relationship with him another chance.

Kinjal continues to take Ravi's side, which upsets Pratiksha and she asks KINJAL TO MARRY Ravi if she is so interested in him to which Kinjal confesses that she would have married if Kavya and Pratiksha were not in the way.

Kinjal leaves as Pratiksha enraged gets up to confront Ravi about why he is using Kinjal against her.

Ravi's door is pounded by Pratiksha demanding that he open the door, which Ravi does, and Pratiksha is surprised to see Ravi in the towel wholly drenched from the shower.

Pratiksha closes her eyes and implores Ravi to change to which Ravi responds by calling him 'Chalbaz' for entering his room.

Pratiksha storms in but her leg slips and she falls on Ravi on the bed.

Ravi looks at Pratiksha and delicately runs his finger through her hair, to which Pratiksha returns her gaze.

She forces herself to stand and Ravi mocks Pratiksha for making inappropriate moves to get closer to him.

He openly announces that he has no interest in her and that he prefers Kavya over her and he slams the door.

Pratiksha notices this and continues down the corridor with a disgruntled expression while Kavya notices this and begins smiling evilly.

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