Dharam Patni 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 23rd May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Hansa mocking Mandeep for stating she will kick Pratiksha out of the house.

Pratiksha becomes enraged and pledges that in the next 24 hours, she will ensure that Mandeep accepts her as Ravi's sole wife and respects her as a family member.

However, she receives a call and smiles as she exits the hall, while Manvi is taken aback by Pratiksha's confidence.

Mandeep and Manvi leave in annoyance, but Kinjal and Parul embrace Hansa in gratitude for supporting Pratiksha.

Meanwhile, Hansa smiles as she holds Kinjal and Parul, saying that she may chastise and taunt them at home but she will always stand up for them in front of the world.

Pratiksha, on the other hand, answers the phone because the driver has called to inform her of Kavya and Ravi's current condition.

Ravi is trudging in the sweltering heat with his bags when he becomes enraged and taunts Pratiksha for causing this terrible circumstance.

While hearing this, Kavya supports Ravi and adds that she will certainly defeat Pratiksha because she has ruined the entire vibe of her honeymoon.

However, Kavya's gaze is drawn to the driver who is standing at a distance , and upon seeing him Kavya explodes in rage.

When the driver recognizes Kavya, he flees, and Kavya begins chasing after him while shouting and demanding that he stop.

Ravi laughs at Kavya and argues that she looks like a mother when she is angry, while Kavya makes an angry expression at Ravi's mockery.

However, Ravi advises that they book a cab and return home but Kavya is insistent about not doing so.

Ravi becomes irritated by Kavya's decisions and while sitting on the bench insists that she decide what to do in this oppressive heat.

Kavya proposes to Ravi that they go to the nearby hotel and as they arrive, Ravi makes a terrible grimace and mutters about how cheap and bad it is.

Meanwhile, Manvi persuades Mandeep to control Pratiksha else she will swiftly conquer the entire Randhawa mansion and rule it according to her desires.

She urges Mandeep to keep her promise of kicking out Pratiksha within the next 24 hours.

Mandeep cheerfully reminds her that she already has a plan, as she intends to invite her friends and taunt Pratiksha in front of them.

She adds that from all the heavy insulting, Pratiksha is going to leave the house herself.

Meanwhile, Ravi reluctantly agrees to stay in the hotel and asks the receptionist for the pricing.

The receptionist, who is gazing at Kavya, asks if they want the room on an hourly basis which irritates Ravi but Kavya handles the situation by asking him to book a room for 24 hours.

The receptionist seems astonished as she hands over the hotel keys, and Kavya smiles as she walks away holding Ravi's hand.

Hansa, on the other hand, hugs Pratiksha for behaving correctly in front of everyone today and urges her not to tolerate anyone's bad treatment and to always speak up for herself.

Pratiksha smiles as she agrees to Hansa while Kinjal and Parul interrogate her about what Ravi and Kavya are doing right now.

As Ravi and Kavya enter the room, Ravi tells the waiter that Kavya is simply her friend, which irritates Kavya.

She calls Manvi and tells her about it, while Ravi leaves the room and calls Adi about not being able to detest Pratiksha as much as he used to.

The conversation is disconnected since the network is terrible.

However, Ravi calls again and this time as Pratiksha picks up the phone, Ravi expresses his affection for Pratiksha.

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