Dharam Patni 24th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 24th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 24th May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 24th May 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha answering the phone and Ravi admits that he has begun to feel as though he is Pratiksha's only husband.

Hearing this makes Pratiksha happy while Ravi expresses how Pratiksha has begun to have an impact on his life.

He inquires whether Adi is listening, to which Pratiksha responds that she has heard every detail of Ravi's statements and Ravi becomes shocked confronting Pratiksha over the phone.

He instantly dodges the call while Manvi informs Kavya that all of this is bad news and asks her to focus on Ravi.

She directs Kavya to do different things that will bring her closer to Ravi, and Kavya becomes furious and ends the conversation.

Manvi suspects Ravi is acting this way because something happened between Pratiksha and him last night.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha blushes at the thought of Ravi admitting his affection for her.

However, when Kinjal and Parul notice Pratiksha they are perplexed and inquire as to why she is smiling to herself.

Pratiksha, with a delighted smile, informs them that Ravi revealed his feelings for her over the phone and that he even acknowledged Kavya as a friend to the waiter.

This news excites Kinjal and Parul but they ask Pratiksha what if Kavya tries to approach Ravi to which Pratiksha responds that her part is done and it is now up to Ravi.

She states that she has complete faith that Ravi is going to come back to her.

Meanwhile, Kavya decorates the room with heart-shaped balloons, and Ravi who is observing the situation, asks her what she is trying to do.

Kavya carries one balloon and informs Ravi that she is simply striving to enhance the ambiance of the room and intends to call Pratiksha to show her everything.

Pratiksha answers the phone, and Kavya begins to lavishly describe the hotel room.

Kavya claims she is having the nicest time in the hotel and thanks her and the driver for carrying out their plan, which has resulted in her staying here with Ravi.

She plays with Ravi's hair and ends the call as Ravi becomes angry at Kavya's behavior. 

Kavya, noting his unpleasant attitude, asks whether he thinks Pratiksha is more beautiful.

Ravi begins to appreciate Kavya and Kavya decides to change into the red nightgown.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha becomes anxious when she recalls Kavya's remarks and begins to imagine what they must be doing right now.

She imagines them both getting close to each other's bodies and dancing to a romantic song, which irritates her and drives her to destroy their honeymoon.

Ravi calls Adi and shares his concern by informing him that he admitted his feelings to Pratiksha by mistake.

Adi accuses Ravi of leaking everything, and Ravi claims that his character is in jeopardy.

He adds that he has no affection for Kavya and just married her due to the promise, and Adi asks whether he has begun to have feelings for Pratiksha.

This causes Ravi to pause and begin recalling all of the events, but in the meanwhile, Kavya enters wearing her alluring nightgown.

He hastily hangs up the phone and seeks to distract himself from seeing Kavya posing.

Kavya, on the other hand, passes intimate looks to seduce Ravi and as she approaches him she opens her net shrug, and lowers it in front of him.

This frightens Ravi and Kavya who is holding him asks that he stop being bashful.

Ravi states that he believes he is ill while Kavya silences Ravi by placing her finger on his lips, but Ravi flees to the bathroom.

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