Dharam Patni 26th July 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 26th July 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 26th July 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 26th July 2023 episode starts with Kajre and her son confronting Pratiksha and Ravi in their home while Pratiksha apologizes for entering their home without permission.

Ravi is concerned and informs them that they are in a perilous situation while Kajre looks at her suspiciously.

However, Ravi requests a phone as Pratiksha explains the problem to the lady.

Kinjal, meanwhile, leads Kavya to the corner and confronts her fiercely about what she is doing with the goons.

Kinjal queries Kavya about her intentions to which Kavya responds by slamming Kinjal on the floor and ordering her to keep away from her.

Kavya screams angrily and informs that she has been begging the gons for any information that will allow her to contact him.

Meanwhile, Kajre expresses her concern about Viper stealing his son and destroying his life forever.

However, Pratiksha requests a phone to which Kajre responds that she does not have one because the network is so bad.

Kajre asks that Pratiksha stays in the room with her while Ravi sleeps with his son.

Pratiksha is pleased and she thanks her while Kavya continues to caution Kinjal to stay out of her way.

Kavya exits angrily, as Kinjal looks at her suspiciously, muttering about how she mistrusts her.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha follows Kajre to her room, and Kajre urges Pratiksha to rest with a smile.

Kajre departs while Pratiksha settles into bed.

However, a phone begins to ring alerting Pratiksha, and as she checks it when she recalls Kajre lying to her about a network problem previously.

Pratiksha digs deep into the phone when she finds Viper and his goons revealing the truth.

Meanwhile, Kajre's kid reveals his true colors to Ravi by explaining how he is posing as an intern under Viper in order to prove himself to be a true goon.

Pratiksha approaches Kajre, who pledges to hand her up to Viper, prompting her to yell Ravi's name.

Leo confronts Ravi who is ready to flee after hearing Pratiksha's scream when he grabs Ravi and knocks him down by beating him in the face vigorously.

Pratiksha flees the room leaving Kajre and her son alone.

Meanwhile, Viper arrives and with the assistance of Leo transfers Ravi into the car before returning to the ice factory.

Pratiksha sobs shouts out Ravi's name, and stares blankly at the sky.

With tears in her eyes, she promises not to let this bring her down and vows to protect Ravi and fulfill her Patni duty.

The police are going through multiple calls when one constable comes in and whispers into the inspector's ears, further perplexing the Randhawa's.

Amardeep begs the police to relay information while the inspector responds that he has received information about locating Viper and his thugs near the ice facility from one source.

Viper's goons lead Ravi into the ice plant while ordering Ravi to be handed from the ceiling.

Ravi is quickly hung from the ceiling while balancing on a massive lump of ice under his toe.

He then gives Ravi two options to commit suicide or perish as a result of his gun.

Ravi stays half-conscious fighting to open his eye as blood streams down his brow.

Viper exacts his revenge with the sharp ring cutting multiple holes in Ravi's toe and causing blood to flow.

However, Pratiksha arrives on time but the goons remain steadfast while Viper refers to her as Basanti.

Pratiksha and Ravi begin arguing and fighting there as well while Ravi mocks Pratiksha for returning here despite his several warnings.

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