Dharam Patni 26th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 26th June 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 26th June 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 26th June 2023 episode starts with Kavya coming to the table and wishing everyone happy Teej while Manvi compliments her on looking beautiful.

Meanwhile, Kavya tells her that Ravi has only brought Pratiksha for the sake of the family's reputation and has also shut the door on Pratiksha’s face. 

Seeing Pratiksha come down, Mandeep tells Kavya that they will celebrate Teej with great pomp. 

In the meantime, Ravi and Pratiksha look longingly at each other and past memories flash in front of their eyes.

Just then, Mandeep tells Kavya about a swing ritual which marks the stability of marriage if the newlywed couple successfully swings on it seven times. 

She also tells them that all her NRI friends will be coming and seeing Randhava’s bride for the first time. 

Pratiksha wishes Amar Happy teej while Amar blesses her after contemplating the situation. 

At the breakfast table, Kavya asks Ravi to sit beside her while Ravi obliges to make Pratiksha feel jealous. 

Pratiksha wishes Biji and others happy teej and goes to sit opposite Ravi and Kavya. 

Kavya ignores her and asks in a concerned voice to Ravi if he is alright. 

On being told who he had a fight, Kavya purposely asks him who that person is.

However, Ravi ignores the question and apologises to everyone for being rude to them the previous day. 

Ravi tells meaningfully that he has decided that he will uphold all his promises from today onwards. 

Later, Ravi meets Adi on the way and asks him to check if Pratiksha is following him or not. 

Meanwhile, Pratiksha babbles in front of the mirror feeling angry at Ravi and Kavya. 

She accuses Ravi of making her angry and jealous while looking through the window to see if Ravi has left. 

Just then Ravi also turns around and feels angry to see Pratiksha for seeing him go but tells him not to come near her. 

Meanwhile, Biji comes to Kinjal asking her for not coming for breakfast. 

Kinjal tells her sadly that she cannot see Pratiksha and Ravi fighting. 

Biji tells her to not worry and soon Ravi and Pratiksha will see each other’s love then their distances will disappear. 

However, Kinjal is not so hopeful and tells Biji about Ravi and Pratiksha’s conversation of previous night. 

Meanwhile, Biji tells her not to worry as soon as their anger will cool then there only be love between them. 

Just then, Pratiksha comes there and looks happy to see Kinjal and Biji laughing. 

Later, Biji gives gifts to both Pratiksha and Kinjal. 

Preeti (Staff) comes there to ask Pratiksha to make Rangoli on Mandeep's order. 

Later, Adi calls Ravi to come home fast as there is going to be a battle of Panipat at home for Mandeep is planning to introduce Kavya as her daughter-in-law. 

However, Ravi tells him that he does not care and will not come home before time for Pratiksha's sake. 

Afterwards, Ravi feels irritated at Pratiksha for landing him in a pickle every time and convinces him to go back. 

Elsewhere, Mandeep stops Pratiksha from making Rangoli and tells Preeti that only Kavya is the daughter-in-law of the family. 

Just then, Biji comes there and asks Mandeep why is Kavya making Rangoli when it is Pratiksha’s right. 

Ravi comes home at the same time and tells Biji that he has come for the sake of Kavya. 

Meanwhile, Adi looks at Ravi and smiles to see him falling for Pratiksha. 

Manvi tells Pratiksha that she needs to have many skills to be called the daughter-in-law of the house. 

She then suggests having a Rangoli competition between Kavya and Pratiksha. 

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