Dharam Patni 26th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 26th May 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 26th May 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 26th May 2023 episode starts with Kavya pleading with the police inspector to let them go without going through the formalities.

The inspector demands that Ravi phone any member of his family to prove that he is married to Kavya.

Ravi agrees with the inspector and notes down the contact number and the inspector orders the constable to call the specified number.

Kavya takes Ravi's side and asks that he use his high-profile contacts to resolve the matter.

Ravi soothes her and Kavya saying sorry goes on to hug him.

Ravi instantly pauses Kavya's childish attitude and tells her that they are in the police station and urges her to behave maturely.

Meanwhile, Manvi complains to Mandeep about Pratiksha, adding that Kavya is the only one who is suffering the consequences of Pratiksha's heinous actions.

Manvi brainwashes Mandeep and encourages her to use her house authority to gain control over Pratiksha.

She requests that Mandeep kick Pratiksha out of the house and proposes torturing Pratiksha to the point where she becomes really frustrated and leaves the house on her own.

She devises a plan and notifies Mandeep, who is astonished for a moment upon hearing the proposal.

Manvi tries to persuade Mandeep that when Ravi placed sindoor on Kavya's forehead, she became legally his then who is Pratiksha to stand in their way?

Mandeep agrees with Manvi and promises her to not ditch the plan last moment.

Later, Manvi knocks on Pratiksha's door and upon seeing Manvi, Pratiksha wipes her face and gets up from the floor.

She confronts Manvi showing her the torn images of Kavya and Ravi and says that these pictures are trash and deserve to be in the dustbin.

However, Manvi informs her that Mandeep wishes to meet her for some important work.

Pratiksha noticing her expression surmises that Mandeep and she are plotting something to get rid of her.

She promises that she is ready to face whatever challenge is thrown at her.

Meanwhile, Mandeep stands on the verandah and throws a large tub of water over Pratiksha as she enters the hall.

Mandeep's face grows fiery with rage, and everyone seeing this is taken aback by her actions.

Amardeep asks Mandeep why she is doing all of this while Mandeep comes downstairs and declares that she has had enough of Pratiksha in this house.

She complains that Pratiksha tore Ravi and Kavya's gorgeous wedding pictures and Pratiksha snarls angrily that she can make Ravi and Kavya do another photoshoot and take even more beautiful pictures and hand it to Mandeep.

Mandeep yells angrily at Pratiksha to quit her drama and asks her the amount she needs to leave Ravi.

Dadi, on hearing this stops Mandeep and declares that she is completely wrong.

Dadi emphasizes the significance of Suhag in a woman's life and adds that Pratiksha's Suhag is worthy of Ravi.

Mandeep dismisses this but Manvi who supports Mandeep, asks her if she witnessed Pratiksha's wedding.

Mandeep maintains she hasn't witnessed Pratiksha and Ravi's wedding and refuses to accept it unless proof is provided.

Pratiksha pledges that she will make Mandeep like her and declare her Ravi's sole wife and that Mandeep will come to her and declare Kavya to be her sister.

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