Dharam Patni 26th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 26th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 26th September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 26th September 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha falling unconscious while Malhar holds her and says that she should fall for him instead of falling on him.

He smirks, saying that he will do such a drama that even the Randhawa family will not let her stay in the house.

Meanwhile, the hosts tell the Randhawa family that they should stay especially Ravi and Kavya as it's their first pooja as a couple.

Kaya smiles upon hearing this while Ravi annoyingly says that his wife is at home and she is probably getting sick so he wishes to leave.

Later, the family reaches the door and knocks but gets no response while Kavya tells Ravi to open the door with the extra key that he has.

Ravi nods and opens the door to see Malhar lying on top of Pratiksha on the sofa.

He runs up to Malhar and starts beating him up while the family tries to stop him.

Kavya tells Ravi that it is Pratiksha's fault while Kinjal states that her sister is innocent and that this is all Malhar's doing.

Manvi also talks about how the two glasses of alcohol are there, indicating that Pratiksha and Malhar were partying.

Kavya continues talking ill about Pratiksha, saying that she acts all high and mighty but wants a lover on the side along with a husband.

Ravi walks away from Kavya, telling her that he doesn't want to hear her while Hansa comes forward and tells Kavya to shut up.

She tells Kavya that it is her thinking that shows her intentions while telling her that she will not leave her if she talks against her family name anymore.

Kavya tells her that her language shows how much respect they have.

Hansa rebukes Manvi for not giving Kavya any manners while Manvi tells her not to speak and wakes up the sleeping beauty Pratiksha instead.

Kavya says that she has figured it all out and talks about how it was all a plan of Malhar and Pratiksha to trap Ravi for his family name and his luxury.

Ravi tells her to shut up while Kavya tells him to look at what is in front of him.

She turns to Malhar and asks him if he loves Pratiksha to which he agrees.

Hansa says that Pratiksha is so lovable that everyone loves her while Malhar says that he means that both he and Pratiksha love each other.

Pratiksha regains consciousness and Hansa gives her a glass of water but Kavya snatches the glass of water and splashes it on Pratiksha's face.

Kavya's character assassinates her while Pratiskha shouts at her not to speak that way about her.

However, Kavya tells her to tell the family what she has done with Malhar in the house while Manvi intervenes and rebukes Pratiksha, talking about how Malhar's buttons were open when they entered.

Pratiksha turns to Malhar and tells him to tell the truth while Malhar lies, telling her that they should reveal their affair to the family now that they know everything.

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