Dharam Patni 27th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 27th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 27th February 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 27th February 2023 episode starts with Ravi telling Pratiksha that a wedding is to bind two people forever and he wants to bind in a relationship of hate with her.

She tells him that all this is crazy but he reminds her that this is to avenge her murdering Kirti.

He tells her to look at the moon carefully as following this night, there will be only darkness in her life.

Pratiksha tells Ravi that his life will be ruined too by making this rash decision and he tells her that he’s already shattered so it won’t affect him.

While he continues to complete the “pheras” around the fire, Hansa tells Pratik to do something when the police stand still, doing nothing.

Pratik brainstorms and starts to throw sand at the fire to extinguish it and as Malhar is about to join him, Hansa tells him he’s a coward who couldn’t do anything to stop the marriage despite being a policeman.

As she continues to insult Malhar, he points a gun at her, fed up with the unnecessary commentary and she quietens down.

Malhar tries to shoot Ravi but is stopped by the police and since Aditya arrives, he begins to hit him instead.

Ravi looks up briefly and smirks as he sees his Aditya hitting Malhar back and taunts Pratiksha that Malhar is getting beaten up.

Meanwhile, Gulshan and Amar watch the media cover Ravi’s marriage to Pratiksha and Gulshan declares that though his family’s friendship with Amar was so deep, it ends forever.

On the other hand, the seven “pheras” get completed and the only ritual remaining is to tie the Mangal sutra around Pratiksha's neck.

Just then, the fire is completely extinguished and Malahar attacks Ravi resulting in the Mangal sutra falling.

The two men wrestle for it but Ravi grabs it quickly and finishes off with the wedding rituals, declaring the wedding is completed.

Helpless, Malhar tells the officers to arrest him while Ravi tells him there’s no point as now, Pratiksha’s life is ruined anyway.

He tells the marriage is forceful and can be nullified but as the officers try to arrest him, he says Pratiksha never protested so technically it’s not forceful.

Police arrest Ravi but he is satisfied that his plan to avenge Kirti’s death is coming together.

As Malhar drives everyone to the police station, Pratik tries to talk to inconsolable Pratiksha.

Hansa praises Ravi that he is truly a genius for stealing Pratiksha, the daughter of the house but Malhar tells her that he will ensure the marriage is nullified.

Pratik promises Pratiksha that he will get Ravi out of her life while Pratiksha tells him that she feels like her life is over.

Pratik and Hansa taunt Malhar that even Ravi was alone, he couldn’t do anything despite having a whole army of policemen.

As they arrive at the police station, Pratiksha helplessly stares at Ravi who she is now married with.

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