Dharam Patni 27th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 27th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 27th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 27th March 2023 episode starts with Kavya constantly complaining to Mandeep about Pratiksha and how she tries to control Ravi.

Mandeep offers Kavya a glass of water and asks her to stop the drama.

Meanwhile, Ravi apologizes to Pratiksha for Kavya and Mandeep's behavior, to which Pratiksha responds that she regrets meeting Ravi.

Ravi notifies Pratiksha that she has beautifully decorated the temple today, to which Pratiksha responds that Ravi should not pretend to apologize because it does not suit him.

However, Kavya continues to complain about Pratiksha, but Mandeep orders her not to fuss Ravi about Pratiksha and that by bringing up Ravi's past, she is only harming her relationship with him.

Mandeep confirms to Kavya that she is only fulfilling Keerti's promise and has no feelings for her.

She continues by stating that Kavya is only causing problems in Ravi's life, but Kavya tries to defend herself.

Ravi stops Pratiksha and refers to her as 'kadvi kareli,' while Pratiksha refers to him as a 'Heart attack,' as his harsh words are the first attack on the heart itself.

Ravi then eats Pratiksha's laddu, and a girl says that because Ravi ate Pratiksha's sweet, their love will grow even stronger.

Meanwhile, Hansa informs Radhika that Kinjal has agreed to marry Avinash, and Radhika presents Kinjal with a silver coin as a wedding gift, which Hansa finds humiliating.

Kinjal then considers how awkward the situation is because neither of her sisters is present to witness it.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha refers to Ravi as an emotionless man, and upon hearing this, tears begin to flow from his eyes, prompting Pratiksha to apologize for her remarks, knowing Ravi had genuine feelings for Keerti.

Ravi, on the other hand, asks Pratiksha not to overreact and accept his apology, which Pratiksha denies and claims she doesn't want his attention or his apology.

Pratiksha also confronts Ravi with the fact that he has no feelings for Kavya, and Ravi gives her a blank stare.

At this point, Ravi becomes enraged and asks Pratiksha not to argue with him, but Pratiksha informs him about the significance of Sindhoor in the life of a married woman.

Pratiksha continues by arguing that she is the victim of Ravi's actions and that she is only fighting with society because her father taught her never to give up and run away.

Ravi begins following Pratiksha, and when her veil becomes stuck, she misbelieves Ravi has stopped her by holding her veil.

Meanwhile, Kinjal accidentally hits Kavya, and Kavya mocks her, claiming each of the sisters work as detectives and that they should work at GHartodo.com as a second income.

Kinjal responds by informing Kavya that they do not fly through the sky thinking about their parents money, as some people do, and Kavya responds by asking her to leave the temple immediately.

Kinjal, on the other hand, asks the Priest if he saw Pratiksha, and he informs her that he sent Pratiksha to his house to get some items for the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Ravi waits outside the house for Pratiksha to accept his apology as she enters the Priest's room.

Ravi claims that marrying Kavya is affecting Pratiksha, to which Pratiksha responds by asking Ravi what will happen if she accepts that it is affecting her and if he'll accept Pratiksha.

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