Dharam Patni 28th August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 28th August 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 28th August 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 28th August 2023 episode starts with Manvi slapping Kavya telling her that she has used her to get revenge on Pratiksha. 

However, Kavya looks annoyed as she states that she did not use her but taught her a lesson. 

Manvi gets hurt and asks Kavya if she is teaching a lesson to her mother who did everything for her and even did wrong. 

Kavya tells Manvi that she has done nothing and questions her upbringing. 

Manvi cries saying that she is the one to blame and turns back to Kavya asking her if she thought her to kill someone. 

Kavya keeps going on talking about how nothing will happen to anyone since they are humans and not rats. 

They hear the ambulance sirens and Manvi sighs while Kavya grips her hand tightly stopping her from leaving. 

Downstairs, the family keeps on worrying as the guests get taken away. 

Back upstairs, Kavya talks to her mother rudely ordering her to go downstairs and create the scene as big as she can. 

Manvi wipes away the tears of humiliation and betrayal as she goes downstairs and starts fighting with Pratiksha telling her that she is sure Pratiksha has added something to the food.

Hansa mockingly states that she has added poison and stands up for Pratiksha saying that she knows how to add love to the cooking not poison like other people.

Kavya continues smirking seeing her mother create drama while Hansvi and Manvi continue arguing back and forth and escalating the fight.

Manvi talks ill about Hansvi's dignity while Hansa shouts at her not to dare talk about dignity as she herself has burrowed herself and her daughter in the Randhawa house.

Ravi comes there and asks what has happened while Kavya talks in dramatic words and says that everything has happened because of Pratiksha's cooking. 

Manvi continues huffing being short of breath while Kavya states that she is sure Pratiksha has added poison to the food to get attention. 

She continues talking ill about Pratiksha calling her wrong while she accuses Ravi of even supporting Pratiksha's wrongdoings. 

Hansa shouts at Pratiksha that these people are snakes and takes her away while the family tries to calm Manvi.

She keeps crying in pain while Kavya tells her that it is good the poison is affecting her as her drama is looking more real to everyone.

On the other hand, Hansa tells Pratiksha that they have to be prepared as she is sure Kavya and Manvi are going to create a mountain of trouble for them after today's drama. 

Pratiksha says that nothing much is going to happen while Hansa tells her that her experience tells her that Manvi and Kavya are going to do something big and they have to fight back. 

Back in the hall, Kavya tells the family that they have to get the food tested while Mandeep also agrees stating that she is also feeling nauseous after eating the food. 

Pratiksha comes there and agrees to get the food tasted while stating that not only she but the whole family will be held responsible if the fault is in the expired spices. 

Mandeep asks why would they feed expired food to their guests while Kinjal retorts that her sister can also not do something like this. 

Looking angrily at Pratiksha, Mandeep says that her hand would have been raised again if anything had happened to the family members. 

Manvi's pain gets worse and she rushes to the washroom while Kavya and Mandeep go after her. 

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