Dharam Patni 28th July 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 28th July 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 28th July 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 28th July 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha's attempting to soothe Mandeep and adding that she understands her suffering.

However, Mandeep questions her on how hse can even understand her feelings and asks if she has ever been a mother and gone through pregnancy.

Mandeep begs Pratiksha to stop talking immediately and warns that she would not allow anyone to sign the paper while Manvi attempts to further agitate Mandeep towards Pratiksha.

Dadi intervenes and queries whether Manvi is trying to brainwash Mandeep further in her rage, to which Dolly agrees.

Mandeep tells Dolly to stop talking while Dadi tries to calm both of them down.

Mandeep yells angrily but Kavya jumps in between and argues with Pratiksha chastising her for endangering Ravi's life.

Mandeep blames Pratiiksha for being born in the universe and destroying everything since then while Kavya also criticizes her.

Pratiksha erupts in rage and orders Kavya to stop talking, adding that she will not tolerate her remarks.

Mandeep advises Pratiksha not to oppose Kavya but Dadi pledges herself to be on Pratiksha's side.

Dolly relishes the catfight as Dadi verifies how Pratiksha is better than Kavya.

Pratiksha demands that everyone stop squabbling while Mandeep continues to insult her and label her an irresponsible lady using fake expressions.

Meanwhile, the nurse arrives to sign the form, but Mandeep flatly refuses shocking everyone.

The doctor then emerges and declares that the operation has been halted because he cannot proceed without legal formalities.

The doctor claims he only started the operation after noticing Pratiksha's agony, but she must now sign the form or he will be unable to proceed.

Pratiksha assumes the form while looking helplessly at Mandeep prompting Amardeep to scold her.

Mandeep screams out and enables Pratiksha to sign but Kavya and Manvi become enraged at Mandeep's decision.

Pratiksha promptly signs and hands over the form while the doctor departs and begins the operation.

However, as the operation progresses the nurse notices Ravi's hand is tightly closed because it conceals something while Pratiksha and Mandeep continue to peek and see Ravi's condition.

When Pratiksha discovers her mangal sutra is stolen, she nervously rubs her neck and Dolly notices this and glances around.

Kavya then approaches Mandeep and attempts to console her while Dolly declares Pratiksha's loss of her mangal sutra unfortunate.

Amardeep, on the other hand, peers through the door with tears in his eyes while Pratiksha continues to reflect on Ravi's memories.

She abruptly departs and runs to the temple where she calls out to Sitya Maiya.

She clasps her hands and urges Sita Maiya to save Ravi's life adding that she will die without him.

Meanwhile, Kinjal witnesses Pratiksha pleading for Ravi's life and and picks Pratiksha up to which Pratiksha cries even more.

Kinjal then looks at Pratiksha and says she agrees with her about losing everything but she questions why she cares so much about Ravi.

Pratiksha looks perplexed at Kinjal while Kinjal begs Pratiksha not to care about Ravi because it appears very evident that Ravi is exclusively Kavya's.

Pratiksha is so enraged by this that she slaps Kinjal across the face.

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