Dharam Patni 28th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 28th March 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 28th March 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 28th March 2023 episode starts with Ravi remaining motionless, while Pratiksha defends herself by speaking harshly to Ravi.

Pratiksha slams the door in Ravi's face and considers the need to defend herself in order to save her self-esteem, while Ravi is taken aback by Pratiksha's power and drive to protect her image.

Meanwhile, Dolly mutters about how she expected Ravi and Pratiksha to physically harm each other due to their hatred, but they keep getting closer and closer.

Dolly meets Biji, who expresses her desire to eat Golgappa because she rarely has the opportunity to do so at home.

She then asks Biji to leave while simultaneously calling Hansa 'Marjani,' to which Hansa responds angrily, claiming that she is far smarter than her and that it is pointless for her to waste her time speaking to Dollly.

Hansa and Dolly start fighting, but Radhika interrupts and asks Hansa about Dolly.

As Radhika introduces herself as Kinjal's mother-in-law, Dolly's eyes widen and she claims that Hansa is already attempting to eliminate the second sister by marrying her.

Radhika is taken aback and asks Hansa what she is talking about, to which she responds by sidestepping her and revealing Dolly to be a raving lunatic.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha takes the item requested by the Priest and proceeds to open the door, which she is unable to open and assumes Ravi has locked it.

She continues to knock and asks Ravi if he is there, to which Ravi responds that she must accept his apology before he will open the door, which she does and asks him to oblige.

While Ravi is attempting to open the door, he also fails to do so, and Pratiksha requests him to bring someone for additional help.

However, Kinjal, seeing Ravi, believes Pratiksha must be here as well, and Parul arrives and tells her to return to the temple and not to suspect Ravi every time.

Suddenly, Ravi is stopped by a group of boys who invite him to join them in bursting the crackers.

As Ravi enjoys himself with them, Mandeep notices him from the temple and prays to God to keep the smile on his face forever.

While Ravi is about to leave, one of the boys detonates a rocket, which indirectly blows up all of the crackers on the table.

Meanwhile, Pratiksha hears the crackers and becomes nostalgic, until one of the rockets hits the cottage, causing it to catch fire as Pratiksha screams for help.

Ravi rushes into the temple asking Mandeep if everyone is okay as a result of the crackers bursting, and when he can't see Dolly, he considers bringing her safely to the temple.

Meanwhile, Mandeep explains to Kavya that she simply wants the two families to be happy and that as Kavya's mother, she has the authority to reprimand her.

As Ravi searches for Dolly, he learns that Priest's shelter is on fire, and he realizes that he has completely forgotten about Pratiksha and must help her.

When Mandeep sees Ravi approaching the burning cottage, she pursues him and prevents him from entering, but Ravi informs her that he must save Pratiksha.

Ravi rejects Mandeep's request and goes to smash down the door in order can save Pratiksha.

He continues slamming the door, and as it opens, he goes inside and expresses his fear at the thought of Pratiksha in danger.

Meanwhile, Mandeep calls Amardeep to inform him of Ravi's actions in rescuing Pratiksha from the burning wreck.

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