Dharam Patni 28th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 28th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 28th September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 28th September 2023 episode starts with Pratiksha recalling Malhar showing the fake chats and photos alone with Kavya and the family's rebukings. 

She pushes Kinjal away and throws all her clothes back into the suitcase stating that she'll stay in Ravi's room only. 

Pratiksha and Ravi argue

She talks about how they have a relationship and not drama and that he'll kick her out when he doubts her. 

Ravi comes there just then and Kinjal leaves to let them talk while Pratiksha and Ravi start arguing once again. 

He tells her that he is hers while she argues back that he doubts her. 

Ravi argues that he was with her all the time but seeing those chats and photos has broken him. 

Pratiksha tells him that it was all fake while he tells her that his heart has broken and that she'll never understand it. 

He wipes his tears while she touches his chest where his heart is supposed to be. 

He removes her hand asking her if she's checked whether his heart has broken or not. 

Ravi tells her that she doesn't even realize how important she is to him and leaves the room refusing to let her touch him. 

On the other hand, Manvi comes to Kavya's room and wonders where Kavya is while Kavya enters the room happily and jumps around in excitement. 

She talks about how this is what she always wanted and how she had challenged Pratiksha that she would throw her out of Ravi's room in 24 hours. 

Manvi encourages her to shift her belongings to Ravi's room tonight only while she talks about how she dreams of Ravi slapping Pratiksha. 

Kavya tells her that this dream of hers will also be complete and they go to Ravi's room to shift the belongings. 

Once there, Manvi encourages Kavya to take advantage of Ravi's emotional state and become one with him. 

Manvi fills Kavya's head

The gears in Kavya's head start turning as Manvi tells her to even spike Ravi's beverage if she has to and make Ravi hers anyhow. 

Meanwhile, Pratiksha thinks to herself that she will prove herself innocent anyhow as her heart has also broken and she needs Ravi in her heart. 

She talks about how she has also started loving Ravi. 

Ravi enters his room and seeing Kavya coming out of the bathroom asks her what she's doing there. 

She tells him how the room is her's also since she has a right to both him and his room. 

He tries to leave telling her that he is not interested in talking to her while she pulls him close to her. 

She asks him if he's not interested in her and talks about how Pratiksha has been manipulating him with her sugarcoated words while she has been enjoying her youth with Malhar. 

Ravi rejects Kavya again

Ravi tells her that he doesn't want to hear it while Kavya asks him if he really thinks that Pratiksha is pure as she says making Ravi recalls Malhar on top of Pratiksha. 

Elsewhere, Pratiksha argues with Malhar on call who is drinking away his victory telling her that he has not forgotten her and will complete his dream of marrying her. 

She tells him how she has considered Ravi her husband the moment he married her while Malhar tells her to get it through her head that it was a forced marriage. 

He tells her that he'll marry her and protect her while she disconnects the call stating that he is just a stranger to her. 

Malhar gets angry and says that he will not let Pratiksha be anyone else's if she can not be hers and throws his glass onto the ground. 

Kavya tries to lure Ravi in telling him that she's 100% pure with love for him and roams her hand over his face stating that she's loved him from the moment she learned the meaning of the word love. 

She tells him to not speak as she shushes him and tries to put his arms around her. 

Ravi tries to get out of his grip while she tells him that she only needs him and nothing else and that they can be together in the room. 

He tells her to just stop and tries to leave but she angrily holds him back and says that he cannot reject him. 

He looks back at her and says that he never really chose her. 

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