Dharam Patni 29th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 29th September 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 29th September 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 29th September 2023 episode starts with Ravi going to the hall while Kavya comes after him. 

He shouts at her to go to her room while she says that she is in his room only but he makes her feel unwelcome. 

The family gathers while Kavya sees Pratiksha and angrily starts talking about how she had done magic on Ravi who keeps talking about her. 

Pratiksha and Kavya argue about Ravi being their husband while Ravi stops them telling them that he is an individual and has the right to make his decision. 

Kinjal asks Ravi what his decision is while Kavya tells her to not address him as her Jiju. 

Manvi rebukes Kinjal while Kinjal thinks of leaving but is stopped by Pratiksha says that she's the sister of the family's daughter-in-law. 

Biji stops their fighting telling Manvi to keep her mouth shut as they have given her twenty-four hours to Pratiksha to prove herself. 

Dolly interrupts and asks if Pratiksha is a magician and that she'll bring out something to prove herself innocent when they all have seen her with Malhar. 

Pratiksha states how she'll take her hours to prove herself innocent and will also take a slap if she is at fault. 

Kavya tells Pratiksha angrily that she is crazy and tells Ravi that he should decide who his wife is. 

She announces that if Pratiksha fails to prove her innocence, he will kick her out and marry her. 

Ravi stays silent while Pratiksha accepts this and sends Kinjal to get back from beside her bed. 

Kavya smirks saying that she is glad that Pratiksha leaving and brings out the dupatta that Mandeep had given her when she was supposed to get married to Ravi. 

Pratiksha mocks her saying that she is doing drama while announcing that she knows Kavya and Malhar had teamed up to make her look bad. 

Kavya tells her to use a cliche storyline from a film while Malhar comes there with Hansa and announces that Pratiksha is telling the truth. 

Kavya reasons that Malhar is not trustworthy while Malhar enters and reveals that Pratiksha talked with his senior who pressured him to reveal the truth or else he'll be suspended. 

Pratiksha takes his phone and shows everyone their supposed chats which has Kavya's phone as she reveals that it is Kavya who sent him these message to trap her. 

Kavya lies that her phone was stolen and now she knows that Pratiksha stole it while Pratiksha states that she has another proof. 

She takes her phone from Kinjal and shows them the CCTV footage of the hall which shows Malhar spiking her drink and just acting as if he's taking advantage of her. 

Kavya's truth is finally out and she angrily goes to slap Pratiksha but is stopped by Ravi who tells her to not even think about harming Pratiksha. 

He apologizes to Pratiksha and she tells him that she understands he was just upset when he came to her later and believed that she was innocent. 

She thanks him for understanding her while Ravi drags Kavya toward the main door and throws her out of the house while Manvi goes with her. 

He slams the door shut in their face and goes to hug Pratiksha asking her if they should get married. 

Hansa sends away Malhar while Pratiksha and Ravi again take the seven pheras of the holy fire in the family's presence. 

Mandeep recalls all the times she misbehaved with Pratiksha and feels guilty while the family feels happy seeing the couple smiling. 

Kavya and Manvi watch them from the windows and cry in misery watching the couple get the elders' blessings. 

Biji talks about how she wants a great-grandchild now and Ravi teases Pratisha while Dolly clicks a family picture. 


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