Dharam Patni 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Dharampatni written update

Today's Dharam Patni 2nd February 2023 episode starts with Ravi complaining to Gulshan that he feels Pratiksha has become his shadow.

Gulshan tries to calm him, saying that he is making a strong paper while Ravi calls his words bluff.

Gulshan holds Ravi and reminds him that Keerti was his daughter too along with being Ravi's fiance and promises to make Pratiksha suffer.

Amandeep also comes there and tells Ravi that they will make sure Pratiksha does not get married.

Kavya comes there and requests Gulshan and Amandeep to leave since she wants to talk to Ravi.

She sits beside Ravi on the stairs and tells him that she understands how he feels.

Kavya tells him that her hopes are also growing with their marriage date coming closer and tells him to leave the worries to their fathers.

Kavya makes Ravi look at her and tells him that he should break off their marriage right now since she does not want him to leave her on the aisle.

Further, they both start walking towards the temple while Pratiksha sits in the pooja and thinks that Ravi is maligning her name and ruining her fate due to Kirti dying which was in his fate.

She prays that she gets proven innocent while Kinjal brings her back to the present and tells her to pass the "Kalash" to the priest.

The media reporters stop Kavya and Ravi to interview them while Kavya tells them that Ravi has decided to move on by marrying her.

However, Ravi clarifies that moving on does not mean forgetting the person they leave which angers Kavya.

The reports ask him how will he be a good husband to Kavya if he keeps loving Keerti.

Ravi states that only love is not important and promises to keep Kavya happy.

Further, the Randhawa family again collides with the Parekh family.

They both cross paths while Pratiksha's dupatta gets stuck to Ravi's watch.

She gets angry thinking that it is Ravi's doing but stops as she realizes that it is stuck to his watch.

The sky thunders as Jhumri laughs and states that a person can change their identity but cannot change their fate which has already been decided. 

Later, Balbir again harasses Kinjal in the middle of the market while she continues to fight back.

Hansa sees the interaction and rushes towards them to beat up Balbir but stops as she hears Balbir accusing Pratiksha of indecency and stating she was in a car with Ravi on a stranded road.

Hansa thinks that she has just gotten a spoiler and needs to see the full movie.

Meanwhile, at the Randhawa house, Ravi is looking for his sherwani when he comes across Keerti's dupatta.

He thinks about his moments with Kirti and sits down as he feels emotional while Mandeep comes there and sees him.

She tries to comfort him while Ravi rushes out of the house, thinking about something.

Back at the Parekh house, Prateeksha is getting Parul ready while Kinjal comes inside and decides to not say anything about Balbir.

Further, Parul sees Ravi's interview on TV and gushes about him while Hansa comes there.

She looks pointedly at Pratiksha while asking if they were talking about Ravi.

Hansa taunts them and gives a hint about the car incident while Kinjal tells her to not make up stories based on half the story.

Hansa goes to scold her while Pratiksha comes in between them and clears the misunderstanding about the car incident.

Pratiksha even states that she is going to keep her promise of marrying Malhar while Hansa leaves saying that only time will tell if she keeps the promise or not.

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